linc00673 (ERRLR01) is a prognostic indicator of overall survival in breast cancer

Abdul-Rahman, Ubaidat and Győrffy, Balázs and Adams, Brian D. (2018) linc00673 (ERRLR01) is a prognostic indicator of overall survival in breast cancer. TRANSCRIPTION, 9 (1). pp. 17-29. ISSN 2154-1264


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LncRNAs are novel noncoding RNAs involved in the epigenetic regulation of gene expression by recruiting ribonucleoprotein complexes to specific genomic loci to initiate histone methylation and/or other chromatin modifications. LncRNAs themselves function as tumor suppressors or oncogenes, depending on the gene regulatory networks they govern. We identified lnc00673 (ERRLR01) as a marker of overall survival (OS) in breast cancer patients. Specifically, ERRLR01 levels were elevated in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) as compared with Luminal-A, Luminal-B, and HER2 breast cancer subtypes. ERRLR01 levels were also inversely correlated with breast cancer survival across all breast cancer patients. Upon stratification, OS in ERα− tumors correlated with negative overall survival, while in ERα+ tumors, ERRLR01 correlated with positive outcomes. This suggests ERRLR01 is modulated by hormone signaling in breast cancer. Gene-network analysis revealed ERRLR01 correlated with distinct pathways including “epithelial development” and “cellular differentiation.” These data suggest ERRLR01 operates as an oncogene in TNBC, as well as a biomarker in breast cancer patients. © 2017 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC

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Uncontrolled Keywords: breast cancer; LncRNA; estrogen signaling; survival outcomes; hormone-regulation; ERRLR01;
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