Kynurenic Acid and Its Analogs Are Beneficial Physiologic Attenuators in Bdelloid Rotifers

Datki, Zsolt László and Oláh, Zita and Bohár, Zsuzsanna and Zádori, Dénes and Fülöp, Ferenc and Szatmári, István and Kálmán, János and Vécsei, László (2019) Kynurenic Acid and Its Analogs Are Beneficial Physiologic Attenuators in Bdelloid Rotifers. MOLECULES, 24 (11). ISSN 1420-3049


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The in vivo investigation of kynurenic acid (KYNA) and its analogs is one of the recent exciting topics in pharmacology. In the current study we assessed the biological effects of these molecules on bdelloid rotifers (Philodina acuticornis and Adineta vaga) by monitoring changes in their survival and phenotypical characteristics. In addition to longitudinal (slowly changing) markers (survival, number of rotifers alive and body size index), some dynamic (quickly responding) ones (cellular reduction capacity and mastax contraction frequency) were measured as well. KYNA and its analogs increased longevity, reproduction and growth, whereas reduction capacity and energy-dependent muscular activity decreased conversely. We found that spermidine, a calorie restriction mimetic, exerted similar changes in the applied micro-invertebrates. This characterized systemic profile evoked by the above-mentioned compounds was named beneficial physiologic attenuation. In reference experiments, using a stimulator (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) and a toxin (sodium azide), all parameters changed in the same direction (positively or negatively, respectively), as expected. The currently described adaptive phenomenon in bdelloid rotifers may provide holistic perspectives in translational research.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: LIFE-SPAN; METABOLISM; SURVIVAL; physiology; KYNURENIC ACID; Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; CALORIE RESTRICTION; bdelloid rotifer;
Subjects: Q Science / természettudomány > QP Physiology / élettan
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Date Deposited: 16 Sep 2019 14:29
Last Modified: 16 Sep 2019 14:29

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