System maintenance

The system will not be available on 27th July, 2022 because of maintenance.


System maintenance

The system will not be available between 19-25 July, 2021 because of maintenance. The repository is working again.

System maintenance

The system will not be available on December 7th, 2020 because of maintenance.

System maintenance

The server / repository will be unavailable on 9th March due to maintenance.

System maintenance - the repository was moved to a new server

During the weekend of 2014 Nov. 22-23. the repository was moved to a new server. The trensfer was successfull, however, service shutdowns might still occur.

Repository posting agreement with Elsevier

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences agreed with Elsevier on the conditions of repository deposit of papers published in Elsevier journals. From now on it is possible to deposit Accepted Author Manuscripts to REAL.
Accepted Author Manuscript must not contain the result of copy-editing or typesetting and pagination made by the publisher, nor visual elements like the Elsevier logo as it appears on the publisher's PDF.
The Accepted Author Manuscript should contain a paragraph: "This accepted author manuscript is copyrighted and published by Elsevier. It is posted here by agreement between Elsevier and MTA. The definitive version of the text was subsequently published in [journal, volume, issue, date, DOI]. Available under license CC-BY-NC-ND."
Embargo periods required by the given journal should be set accordingly, and CC-BY-NC-ND license should be set. Linking to the publisher's copy (DOI link) is obligatory.

REAL links to MTMT

During 2013 REAL librarians entered links of manually uploaded publications to MTMT. Meanwhile we have implemented SWORD document upload from MTMT - this automatically records REAl links. From 2014 on, entering REAL links to MTMT will be the responsibility of the users. We recommend using SWORD - soon conference papers and book chapters will be possible to upload by SWORD too.

New PhD collection - services for Universities

  • REAL-PhD ( is a special collection for PhD theses.Contact us by e-mail if You want to deposit a thesis.
  • The Library offers systematic deposit possibility for interested Universities in REAL-PhD. Deposited theses will be harvested by DART-Europe. The service is free of charge.
  • The library can provide DOI identifiers to interested Universities, through DataCite. The service is free of charge.

New features

  • REAL upload from MTMT was introduced using the SWORD protocol.
  • OpenAIRE compatibility plugin installed. FP7 supported projects might deposit publications.
  • There is a new ORCID identifier field for authors. See
  • .

Documents fom the KPA database will be migrated to REAL

Documents deposited to KPA will be selectively migrated to REAL. See the news item (in Hungarian) at the MTMT website.

Contact Information

Helpdesk concerning items in the repository, problems with upload, item correction and file replacement request should be sent to: real_help (at)

Any correspondence concerning this specific repository should be sent to

The homepage of the Academy's Library: