A városnövekedés területi eltérései Európában, különös tekintettel a járműipari városokra = Spatial disparities of urban growth with special regard to locations of automotive industry

Hardi, Tamás and Baráth, Gabriella and Csizmadia, Zoltán and Uszkai, Andrea (2014) A városnövekedés területi eltérései Európában, különös tekintettel a járműipari városokra = Spatial disparities of urban growth with special regard to locations of automotive industry. Tér és Társadalom, 28 (2). pp. 45-66. ISSN 2062-9923


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In addition to the separation of the phases of the European Union urban development processes, this paper seeks to trace their special disparities. By the 21st century Europe faced a special situation, practically never experienced before in its history as regards migration, by the breaking down of the blocking role of state borders and the improvement of transportation facilities. These factors led to the dissolution of the isolation of some elements in the European mosaic of nation states, and this was relevant not only for the European Union member states but also for countries that are not EU members. Our paper reveals how the pan-European migration processes induce a variety of urban development tendencies in the various macro-regions. Different independent analyses are provided to discuss the spatial disparities of urban development. Firstly, general urban development tendencies are examined in the respective countries, and the development characteristics of large cities are introduced. This is followed by an analysis of medium-sized cities on the basis of a broad database, and finally the paper discusses the survey of a group of cities which host automotive companies. In other words, the paper is composed of four chapters. First of all, we review the demographic changes and the urbanization processes of the continent. After that, we focus on large cities, and then on the size category of 50 000–500 000 inhabitants. In the last chapter we discuss the features of European automotive settlements, regardless of the population. The aim of this analysis is to explore the impacts of automotive industry on the social and economic indicators of the examined urban areas. We assume this sector has got a positive impact on the economic performance of a given urban area, and it can have an impact on its demographic processes as well. An important research question is which European countries, great regions and settlement size categories are favoured by the automotive industry. In addition, we try to trace the position of Győr in this special group of cities. Evidently, the type and data demand of these analyses requires various geographical ranges and city size categories, but our conclusions are supported. Typical urban development zones are featured in Europe, and they may be described by similar characteristics, which proves that in our age the phases of urban development are not the same all over the continent. Further development will probably not follow the classical urban development phases, either. It is much more likely to have a centre-periphery relationship in the future, and the exclusivity of the development of large cities will only be experienced in some European countries. The development of cities is not equal in Europe, and we can find variant processes in different great regions. In the past, the differences were connected to the economic development of single countries, nowadays changes are formed by globalization tendencies, the appreciation of dynamic metropolitan areas and migration processes. The crisis in 2008 – which depressed the poorer areas more strongly – stimulated these processes. Today, the internal immigration and international emigration determine the development of areas in poorer countries. In contrast, we see the development of prospering urban regions in the developed parts of the continent, while other parts of the wealthy countries can be found in the phase of deurbanization. In other words, there could be a more balanced spatial development in these countries.

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