Nuclear Data Sheets for A=129

Timár, János and Elekes, Zoltán and Singh, Balraj (2014) Nuclear Data Sheets for A=129. Nuclear Data Sheets.


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The experimental nuclear spectroscopic data for known nuclides of mass number 129 (Ag, Cd, In, Sn, Sb, Te, I, Xe, Cs, Ba, La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Pm, Sm) have been evaluated and presented together with adopted properties for levels and γ rays. This evaluation represents a revision of the previous one 18 years ago by Y. Tendow (1996Te01). Extensive new data have become available for many nuclides in the intervening years, although, no data are available for excited states in 129Pm and 129Sm, and for 129Ag and 129Cd, only limited information is available for the g.s. and isomers. The decay schemes of 129Ag, 129Pm and 129Sm are unknown, and those for 129Cd, 129In, 129Ce, 129Pr and 129Nd are incomplete. Many γ rays and extended level schemes have been reported for the ground state and isomer decays of 129Ba to 129Cs, yet the adopted set of intensities in this evaluation originate from a brief paper in an annual laboratory report. There remain several unplaced gamma rays, coupled with ambiguity about division of intensities amongst the two activities of 129Ba with nearly the same half-lives. Isomerism is expected in 129Pr, but there is no confirmed identification. Low-lying level structure in 129Nd, including identification of a possible third long-lived isomer in this nuclide, remains uncertain. The spin-parity assignments of (5/2+) for the ground state and (7/2-) for an isomer at 107.6 keV in 129Ce are assigned based on strong support from systematics and band configurations, yet this result is in contradiction with the quadrupole interaction hyperfine structure measurement which favors 9/2- over 7/2- for the isomer, consequently 7/2+ for the ground state. Direct measurements of spins of ground state and isomer of 129Ce are needed to settle this issue. Confirmed spins and parities of the ground state and isomer of 129La are also lacking. Assignments in this work are mainly based on systematics of h11/2 decoupled structures. A direct measurement of ground state spin of 129La will also be desirable. Recommended data presented in this work supersede those in previous NDS evaluations of A=129 nuclides published by 1996Te01, 1983Ha46 and 1972Ho55.

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