A keresztnevek használata magyar–szlovák kétnyelvű környezetben

Bauko, János (2013) A keresztnevek használata magyar–szlovák kétnyelvű környezetben. In: Tulajdonnevek a fordítás és a kétnyelvűség kontextusában, Nyitrai Konstantin Filozófus Egyetem, Nyitra.

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JÁNOS BAUKO: The Use of Given Names in Hungarian-Slovak Bilingual Environment The speech community of Slovakia Hungarians is a bilingual speech community. In bilingual communities people can choose names from a wider range. Choosing a variant of a personal name from one language or the other can depend on several factors: the communicative domain, the communication partners, the social or linguistic context etc. As far as the registering of given names is concerned, the list of names that people can choose from is longer, the choice of names freer. Changes in the naming fashion and strivings towards having rare names registered have been observed in Slovakia since the 1989 change of regime. Foreign sounding names and names of foreign origin are frequently registered, some of them in several variants. Movie and TV series characters often serve as inspiration for naming. The number of variants of one and the same name has recently increased as well. Registering two given names has become a new fashion in Slovakia in recent years. There are also generational differences in name use. Older generations tend to have more traditional names, while today’s children tend to have foreign sounding or foreign spelled names.

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