Larynx Movement in the Production of Georgian Ejective Sounds

Bückins, Alexandra and Greisbach, Reinhold and Hermes, Anne (2018) Larynx Movement in the Production of Georgian Ejective Sounds. In: CHALLENGES IN ANALYSIS AND PROCESSING OF SPONTANEOUS SPEECH. MTA Nyelvtudományi Intézet, Budapest, pp. 127-138. ISBN 978-963-9074-75-0 (nyomtatott), 978-963-9074-76-7 (online)


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In this study, we present a non-invasive method for investigating laryngeal movement in the production of ejective sounds. Being non-invasive, this method can be used easily in the study of spontaneous speech. Typically, EMA is used to track the tongue and lip movements in speech production. In this study, we recorded four Georgian native speakers with four sensor coils on the outside of the skin – just above the larynx – in the area of the cricoid cartilage. The analysis reveals that there is considerably greater movement of the coils during the production of ejectives as compared to pulmonal sounds. These movement patterns of the skin above the larynx are admittedly of very complex nature. To attribute the movement solely to the larynx is problematic. Nonetheless, this method may help to understand the production mechanism of ejectives.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Georgian, Ejective, Larynx movement, EMA
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