Iszlám-keresztény dialógusok Boldog II. János Pál pápa és Allahsükür Pashazade vezetésével

Földvári, Sándor (2011) Iszlám-keresztény dialógusok Boldog II. János Pál pápa és Allahsükür Pashazade vezetésével. In: "Vidimus enim stellam eius...". Károli Könyvek . Károli Gáspár Református Egyetem; L'Harmattan Kiadó, Budapest, pp. 118-129. ISBN 978-963-236-485-8


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Intercultural communication as a topic of researches has evolved due to the activity of The Foreign Service Institute (FSI), and due its failures in communication with another nations or civilisations, with purposes to help them recover after the World War II. In parallel with the unfolding of intercultural communication as a field of research, the Catholic Church evolved its own theory and paractice of intercultural communication, as Ecclesiam Suam by Paul VI and Dives in Misericordia or the Redemptoris Missio by John Paul II, whose entire pontificate was an intercultural action which led to the culmination of the interfaith communication in his address to the Muslims in the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, May 6, 2001 The ‘azan recited by the muezzin, that is the loud call at pray-time in the Muslim world is an inevitable act. However, during the time of the address told by John Paul Second, the former head of the Roman Catholic Church in Damascus, the muezzins were in silence while the pope was speaking. — While the addresses by the recent pope Benedict XVII are calling ambiguous and sometimes heated reactions by Muslims, his predecessor’s communication has been more accepted even respected by the Islam world. Another good example of the intercultural communication was the alliance between Benazir Bhutto and John Paul II on the United Nations Conference on the Development in Cairo, 1996. The later assassinated Pakistani Muslim politician-woman, whose book “Reconciliation” demonstrates the Islam culture is not in opposite to the dialogues and the democracy, was the supporter (which other Muslim allies, too) to the Christian Pope while the then-President of the United States refused to discuss on the human life with John Paul II. In the past decades, the city of Baku also joined the centres of Islam and played significant role in interfaith dialogues. Its great mufti’s Allahshükür Hummat Pashazade played an important role in the Jewish-Muslim dialogues in the Caucasus, and on his initiative a three-side interreligious meetings was held in Baku, 2010, with participation of Garegin II, the Armenian Catholicos and Moscow Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. At the same time, an international and interreligious meeting were held with participation of Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, the chair-person of The Pontifical Council for The Interreligious Affairs in the Vatican, the most supreme organ of the Roman Catholic Church for dialogues with the other religions. He confirmed that Muslims in Azerbaijan are remarkable for their tolerance. The head of the Muslim community was “a very kind man, well related to the Catholics and believers in general, and especially to the Holy See. I think he is a model of harmony,” said Cardinal Tauran. Dialogues between Christians and Muslims have been carrying since the early 2nd millennium, though their value have remained in the shadows because of terrible wars. The situation improved due the flourishing culture at the court of Abbasid caliphs. A brief historical survey of the Muslim- Christian intercultural communications is to be given, too. — The perspectives, opportunities, expectations and recent roles of other Near- and Middle-East Muslim countries in intercultural dialogues are to be analysed in the paper. Keywords: Vatican, Pashazade, Benazir_Bhutto, Pope_John_Paul_II, globalization, interfaith_dialogues, peacemaking

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