Open Access Mandate of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA)

The President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Magyar Tudományos Akadémia, hereafter MTA) issued an Open Access Mandate - the Hungarian language text of the Mandate can be accessed here. The mandate was modified in 2016, the hungarian text is accessible in the December issue of the Akadémiai Értesitő (the Gazette of the Hungarian Academy).

The researchers and employees of the MTA - including researchers of the subsidized research units and Momentum research groups - should make their scientific publications Open Access. Open Access could be achieved by i.) self-archiving in institutional or discipline-based repositories, ii.) publishing them in Open Access journals or in hybrid journals offering paid Open Access.

The Mandate is obligatory for all scientific publications submitted for publication after January 1st, 2013. Open Access for scientific publications submitted before 2013, or published already, is recommended (through repositories).

The default repository is the REAL of the Library of the MTA, but discipline-based repositories could be used wherever available (e.g. arXiv, PubMed, etc.), and researchers of subsidized research units or Momentum research groups at Universities may use the local repository of the University.

URLs of the Open Access versions of the publications should be entered to the Hungarian National Scientific Bibliography (MTMT) database.

Embargo periods - if required by the publisher - could be accepted (one year for STM and two years for AHSS). Corrected manuscripts (final versions accepted by the journals after peer review) could be archived. If the publisher does not accept any form of Open Access, publications should be archived in REAL, choosing a closed access option. For articles the option visible for "registered users only" should be applied, books should be visible for the "repository staff only", if the publisher does not allow Open Access deposit.

Aspects of patentability could be taken into account. The Open Access does not need to be "libre", "gratis" OA is acceptable. Available research funds could be used for covering the costs of Open Access (processing charges or OA fees levied by hybrid journals).

The mandated license is CC BY-NC-ND, more liberal licenses could be used if these are acceptable for all the interested parties.

The employer coud waive the Open Access - closed access deposit to REAL, however, is required in such cases.

The MTA provides an author addendum and a cover letter for the use of the authors in the communication with the publishers.