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Czimmerer, Zsolt and Daniel, B. and Horvath, Attila and Ruckerl, Dominik and Nagy, Gergely and Nagy, Béla and Póliska, Szilárd and Bankó, Csaba and Bacsó, Zsolt and Benkő, Szilvia and Nagy, László (2018) The Transcription Factor STAT6 Mediates Direct Repression of Inflammatory Enhancers and Limits Activation of Alternatively Polarized Macrophages. IMMUNITY, 48 (1). pp. 75-90. ISSN 1074-7613

Rahman, Omar Abdul and Kristóf, Endre and Doan-Xuan, Quang-Minh and Vida, András and Nagy, Lilla Nikoletta and Horváth, Ambrus and Simon, József and Maros, Tamás and Szentkirályi, István and Palotás, Lehel and Debreceni, Tamás and Csizmadia, Péter and Szerafin, Tamás and Fodor, Tamás and Szántó, Magdolna and Tóth, Attila and Bacsó, Zsolt and Bay, Péter (2016) AMP-activated kinase (AMPK) activation by AICAR in human white adipocytes derived from pericardial white adipose tissue stem cells induces a partial beige-like phenotype. PLOS ONE, 11 (6). pp. 1-14. ISSN 1932-6203

Czimmerer, Zsolt and Varga, Tamás and Kiss, Máté and Ovando Vázquez, C. and Doan-Xuan, Quang-Minh and Nagy, Zsuzsanna and Póliska, Szilárd and Nagy, Gergely and Várallyay, Éva and Bacsó, Zsolt and Nagy, László (2016) The IL4-STAT6 signaling axis establishes a conserved microRNA signature in human and mouse macrophages regulating cell survival via miR-342-3p. GENOME MEDICINE, 8 (1). p. 63. ISSN 1756-994X

Bársony, orsolya and Szalóki, Gábor and Türk, Dóra and Tarapcsák, Szabolcs and Gutay-Tóth, Zsuzsanna and Bacsó, Zsolt and Székvölgyi, Lóránt and Szabó, Gábor and Csanády, László and Szakács, Gergely and Kormosné Goda, Katalin (2016) A single active catalytic site is sufficient to promote transport in P-glycoprotein. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 6 (24810). pp. 1-16. ISSN 2045-2322

Kristóf, Endre and Doan-Xuan, Quang-Minh and Bay, Péter and Bacsó, Zsolt and Fésüs, László (2015) Laser-scanning cytometry can quantify human adipocyte browning and proves effectiveness of irisin. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 5. p. 12450. ISSN 2045-2322

Nagy, Georgina and Doan-Xuan, Quang-Minh and Gáspár, Krisztián and Mócsai, Gábor and Kapitány, Anikó and Törőcsik, Dániel and Bacsó, Zsolt and Gyimesi, Edit and Remenyik, Eva and Bíró, Tamás and Szegedi, Andrea (2014) The atopic skin-like microenvironment modulates the T-cell-polarising cytokine production of myeloid dendritic cells, as determined by laser scanning cytometry. Experimental dermatology, 23 (4). pp. 276-8. ISSN 1600-0625

Doan, Minh and Szalóki, Nikoletta and Tóth, Katalin and Szöllősi, János and Bacsó, Zsolt and Vámosi, György (2014) FRET Imaging by Laser Scanning Cytometry on Large Populations of Adherent Cells. CURRENT PROTOCOLS IN CYTOMETRY, 70. 2.23.1-2.23.29. ISSN 1934-9297

Cuaranta-Monroy, Ixchelt and Simándi, Zoltán and Kolostyák, Zsuzsanna and Doan Xuan, Quang Minh and Póliska, Szilárd and Nagy, Gergely and Bacsó, Zsolt and Nagy, László (2014) Highly efficient differentiation of embryonic stem cells into adipocytes by ascorbic acid. STEM CELL RESEARCH, 13. pp. 88-97. ISSN 1873-5061

Szalóki, Nikoletta and Doan, Minh and Szöllősi, János and Tóth, Katalin and Vámosi, György and Bacsó, Zsolt (2013) High throughput FRET analysis of protein-protein interactions by slide-based imaging laser scanning cytometry. CYTOMETRY PART A, 83 (9). pp. 818-829. ISSN 1552-4922

Szabó, Gábor and Bacsó, Zsolt and Fenyvesi, Ferenc and Goda, Katalin (2009) A P-glikoprotein membrán mikrokörnyezete és működésének gátolhatósága modulátor és antitest együttes alkalmazásával = P-glycoprotein membrane microenviroment and inhibition of pumping by the combined application of modulators and specific antibody. Project Report. OTKA.

Bacsó, Zsolt and Bene, László and Fenyvesi, Ferenc and Goda, Katalin and Nagy, Henrietta and Szabó, Gábor (2008) ABC transzporterek fiziológiás szerepkörökben = ABC transporters in physiological contexts. Project Report. OTKA.

Damjanovich, Sándor and Bacsó, Zsolt and Dóczy-Bodnár, Andrea and Hajdú, Péter and Hajdú, Péter and Sebestyén, Zsolt and Vámosi, György (2007) Sejtfelszíni receptor minták mint lehetséges diagnosztikai eszközök = Cell surface receptor patterns as potential diagnostic tools. Project Report. OTKA.

Bene, László and Bodnár, Andrea and Damjanovich, Sándor and Vámosi, György and Bacsó, Zsolt and Aradi, János and Berta, András and Damjanovich, Judit (2004) Membrane topography of HLA I, HLA II, and ICAM-1 is affected by IFN-gamma in lipid rafts of uveal melanomas. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 322 (2). pp. 678-83. ISSN 0006-291X

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