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Hideg, Éva and Mihók, Barbara and Gáspár, Judit and Schmidt, Péter and Márton, András and Báldi, András (2018) KÖRNYEZETI JÖVŐKUTATÁS: MAGYARORSZÁG 2050. MAGYAR TUDOMÁNY, 179 (5). pp. 714-728. ISSN 0025-0325

Csepregi, Kristóf and Coffey, Aoife and Cunningham, Natalie and Prinsen, Els and Hideg, Éva and Jansen, Marcel A.K. (2017) Developmental age and UV-B exposure co-determine antioxidant capacity and flavonol accumulation in Arabidopsis leaves. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 140. pp. 19-25. ISSN 0098-8472

Hideg, Éva and Mátai, Anikó (2017) A comparison of colorimetric assays detecting hydrogen peroxide in leaf extracts. Analytical Methods. pp. 1-6. ISSN 1759-9679 (In Press)

Kakuszi, Andrea and Sárvári, Éva and Solti, Ádám and Czégény, Gyula and Hideg, Éva and Hunyadi-Gulyás, Éva and Bóka, Károly and Böddi, Béla (2016) Light piping driven photosynthesis in the soil: low-light adapted active photosynthetic apparatus in the under-soil hypocotyl segments of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris). JOURNAL OF PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY B-BIOLOGY, 161. pp. 422-429. ISSN 1011-1344

Czégény, Gyula and Mátai, Anikó and Hideg, Éva (2016) UV-B effects on leaves – oxidative stress and acclimation in controlled environments. PLANT SCIENCE, 247. pp. 57-63. ISSN 0168-9452

Csepregi, Kristóf and Neugart, Susanne and Schreiner, Monika and Hideg, Éva (2016) Comparative evaluation of total antioxidant capacities of plant polyphenols. MOLECULES, 21 (2). p. 208. ISSN 1420-3049

Czégény, Gyula and Le Martret, Bénédicte and Pávkovics, Dóra and Dix, Phil J. and Hideg, Éva (2016) Elevated ROS-scavenging enzymes contribute to acclimation to UV-B exposure in transplastomic tobacco plants, reducing the role of plastid peroxidases. Journal of Plant Physiology. pp. 1-23. ISSN 0176-1617 (In Press)

Csepregi, Kristóf and Hideg, Éva (2016) A novel procedure to assess the non-enzymatic hydrogen-peroxide antioxidant capacity of metabolites with high UV absorption. Acta Biologica Hungarica, 67 (4). pp. 447-450. ISSN 0236-5383

Majer, Petra and Neugart, Susanne and Krumbein, Angelika and Schreiner, Monika and Hideg, Éva (2014) Singlet oxygen scavenging by leaf flavonoids contributes to sunlight acclimation in Tilia platyphyllos. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 100. pp. 1-9. ISSN 0098-8472

Majer, Petra and Czégény, Gyula and Sándor, Györgyi and Dix, Phil J. and Hideg, Éva (2014) Antioxidant defence in UV-irradiated tobacco leaves is centred on hydrogen-peroxide neutralization. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 82. pp. 239-43. ISSN 0981-9428

Czégény, Gyula and Wu, Min and Dér, András and Eriksson, Leif A. and Strid, Åke and Hideg, Éva (2014) Hydrogen peroxide contributes to the ultraviolet-B (280-315 nm) induced oxidative stress of plant leaves through multiple pathways. FEBS Letters, 588 (14). pp. 2255-2261. ISSN 0014-5793, ESSN: 1873-3468

Csepregi, K. and Kocsis, Marianna and Hideg, Éva (2013) On the spectrophotometric determination of total phenolic and flavonoid contents. Acta Biologica Hungarica, 64 (4). pp. 500-509. ISSN 0236-5383

Hideg, Éva and Jansen, Marcel A.K. and Strid, Åke (2013) UV-B exposure, ROS, and stress: inseparable companions or loosely linked associates? Trends in Plant Science, 18 (2). pp. 107-115.

Majer, Petra and Hideg, Éva (2012) Developmental stage is an important factor that determines the antioxidant responses of young and old grapevine leaves under UV irradiation in a green-house. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 50. pp. 15-23. ISSN 0981-9428

Majer, Petra and Hideg, Éva (2012) Existing antioxidant levels are more important in acclimation to supplemental UV-B irradiation than inducible ones: Studies with high light pretreated tobacco leaves. Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture, 24 (6). pp. 598-606. ISSN 2079-052X

Hideg, Éva and Majer, Petra (2010) Factors contributing to the high light tolerance of leaves in vivo — Involvement of photo-protective energy dissipation and singlet oxygen scavenging. Acta Biologica Hungarica, 61 (Supple). pp. 49-60. ISSN 0236-5383


Hideg, Éva and Alács, Péter and Kiss, Endre and Nováky, Erzsébet and Vág, András (2012) Jövőkutatás az interaktív társadalomban = Futures Studies in the Interactive Society. Project Report. OTKA.

Hideg, Éva and Bálo, Borbála and Haydu, Zsolt and Horváth, V. Gábor and Kós, Péter and Oláh, Róbert and Szegedi, Ernő and Váradi, Gyula (2010) A ferritin szerepe a szőlő stressztűrő képességének fokozásában = The role of ferritin in enhancing the stress tolerance of grapevine. Project Report. OTKA.

Nováky, Erzsébet and Hideg, Éva and Kappéter, István and Kiss, Endre and Martinás, Katalin (2008) Változás és jövő = Change and future. Project Report. OTKA.

Kálai, Tamás and Hideg, Kálmán and Hideg, Éva and Jekö, József and Kulcsár, Győző and Pápayné dr. Sár, Cecília (2007) Új, diamágneses és paramágneses fluoreszcens molekulák szintézise és alkalmazása = Synthesis and application of new diamagnetic and paramagnetic fluorophores. Project Report. OTKA.

Conference or Workshop Item

Majer, Petra and Neugart, Susanne and Krumbein, Angelika and Schreiner, Monika and Hideg, Éva (2012) Acclimation to high light in linden leaves is aided by singlet oxygen neutralizing flavonoids. In: Plant Biology Congress, 2012, Freiburg.

Hideg, Éva and Majer, Petra and Czégény, Gyula and Sándor, Györgyi and Poage, Miranda and Dix, Phil J (2012) Consequences of enhanced chloroplast SOD activity on the acclimation of leaves to supplemental UV-B. In: Plant Biology Congress, 2012 július 29 - augusztus 3, Freiburg.


Hideg, Éva and Kiss, Endre and Nováky, Erzsébet and Vág, András and Alács, Péter and Kristóf, Tamás and Veigl, Helga and Neszveda, Gábor and Xin, Feng (2009) Futures Studies in the Interactive Society. Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest. ISBN 978-963-503-405-5

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