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Sun, Jingyu and Dillon, Frank and Wu, Chen and Jiang, Jun and Jurkschat, Kerstin and Koós, Antal Adolf and Crossley, Alison and Grobert, Nicole and Castell, Martin R. (2016) Metal-free chemical vapor deposition growth of graphitic tubular structures on engineered perovskite oxide substrates. Carbon, 99. pp. 591-598. ISSN 0008-6223

Koós, Antal Adolf and Vancsó, Péter and Magda, Gábor Zsolt and Osváth, Zoltán and Kertész, Krisztián Imre and Dobrik, Gergely and Tapasztó, Levente and Biró, László Péter (2016) STM study of the MoS2 flakes grown on graphite: A model system for atomically clean 2D heterostructure interfaces. Carbon, 105. pp. 408-415. ISSN 0008-6223

Meysami, Seyyed Shayan and Koós, Antal Adolf and Dillon, Frank and Dutta, Madhuri and Grobert, Nicole (2015) Aerosol-assisted chemical vapour deposition synthesis of multi-wall carbon nanotubes: III. Towards upscaling. Carbon, 88. pp. 148-156. ISSN 0008-6223

Dillon, F. C. and Moghal, J. and Koós, Antal Adolf and Lozano, J. G. and Miranda, L. and Porwal, H. and Reece, M. J. and Grobert, N. (2015) Ceramic composites from mesoporous silica coated multi-wall carbon nanotubes. MICROPOROUS and Mesoporous Materials, 217. pp. 159-166. ISSN 1387-1811

Bulusheva, L. G. and Okotrub, A. V. and Fedoseeva, Yu. V. and Kurenya, A. G. and Asanov, I. P. and Vilkov, O. Y. and Koós, Antal Adolf and Grobert, N. (2015) Controlling pyridinic, pyrrolic, graphitic, and molecular nitrogen in multi-wall carbon nanotubes using precursors with different N/C ratios in aerosol assisted chemical vapor deposition. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 17 (37). pp. 23741-23747. ISSN 1463-9076

Nicholls, Rebecca J. and Aslam, Zabeada and Sarahan, Michael C. and Sanchez, Ana M. and Dillon, Frank and Koós, Antal Adolf and Nellist, Peter D. and Grobert, Nicole (2015) Morphology – composition correlations in carbon nanotubes synthesised with nitrogen and phosphorus containing precursors. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 17 (3). pp. 2137-2142. ISSN 1463-9076

Babenko, Vitaliy and Murdock, Adrian T. and Koós, Antal Adolf and Britton, Jude and Crossley, Alison and Holdway, Philip and Moffat, Jonathan and Huang, Jian and Alexander-Webber, Jack A. and Nicholas, Robin J. and Grobert, Nicole (2015) Rapid epitaxy-free graphene synthesis on silicidated polycrystalline platinum. Nature communications, 6. p. 7536. ISSN 2041-1723

Otieno, Geoffrey and Koós, Antal Adolf and Dillon, Frank and Yahya, Noor Azlin and Dancer, Claire E.J. and Hughes, Gareth M. and Grobert, Nicole and Todd, Richard I. (2015) Stiffness, strength and interwall sliding in aligned and continuous multi-walled carbon nanotube/glass composite microcantilevers. Acta Materialia, 100. pp. 118-125. ISSN 1359-6454

Koós, Antal Adolf and Murdock, A. T. and Nemes-Incze, P. and Nicholls, R. J. and Pollard, A. J. and Spencer, S. J. and Shard, A. G. and Roy, D. and Biró, L. P. and Grobert, N. (2014) Effects of temperature and ammonia flow rate on the chemical vapour deposition growth of nitrogen-doped graphene. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 16 (36). pp. 19446-19452. ISSN 1463-9076

Britton, Jude and Cousens, Nico E. A. and Coles, Samuel W. and van Engers, Christian D. and Babenko, Vitaliy and Murdock, Adrian T. and Koós, Antal Adolf and Perkin, Susan and Grobert, Nicole (2014) A Graphene Surface Force Balance. LANGMUIR, 30 (38). pp. 11485-11492. ISSN 0743-7463


Tóth, Attila Lajos and Biró, László Péter and Kertész, Krisztián Imre and Koós, Antal Adolf and Márk, Géza István (2011) Fókuszált ionsugaras és elektronsugaras nano-megmunkálás fizikai-kémiai alapjainak vizsgálata különös tekintettel a potenciális nanoelektronikai alkalmazásokra = Investigation of physical and chemical basics of focused electron and ion beam nano-machining with special emphasis on possible applications in nanoelectronics. Project Report. OTKA.

Biró, László Péter and Bertóti, Imre and Gyulai, József and Horváth, Zsolt Endre and Kerner, Zsolt Gábor and Kiricsi, Imre and Kocsonya, András and Kónya, Zoltán and Koós, Antal Adolf and Kürti, Jenő and Márk, Géza István and Osváth, Zoltán and Perl, András and Schiller, Róbert and Surján, Péter and Szőkefalvi-Nagy, Zoltán and Vértesy, Zofia (2007) Szén nanocső jellegű nanoszerkezetek előállítása, módosítása és jellemzése fizikai, kémiai és szimulációs módszerekre alapozva = Production, modification and characterization by physical, chemical and computer simulation of carbon nanotube type nanostructures. Project Report. OTKA.

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