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Stan, Katarzyna and Lityńska-Dobrzyńska, Lidia and Lábár, János (2014) Effect of Mo on stability of quasicrystalline phase in Al-Mn-Fe alloy. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 586 (SUPPL.). S395-S399. ISSN 0925-8388

Károly, Zoltán and Balázsi, Csaba and Balázsi, Katalin and Petrik, Attila and Lábár, János (2014) HYBRID ALUMINUM MATRIX COMPOSITES PREPARED BY SPARK PLASMA SINTERING (SPS). EUROPEAN CHEMICAL BULLETIN, 3 (3). pp. 247-250. ISSN 2063-5346

Jenei, P. and Gubicza, J. and Dirras, G. and Lábár, János (2014) Indentation creep study on ultrafine-grained Zn processed by powder metallurgy. MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING A-STRUCTURAL MATERIALS PROPERTIES MICROSTRUCURE AND PROCESSING, 596. pp. 170-175. ISSN 0921-5093

Jenei, P. and Gubicza, Jenő and Yoon, E.Y. and Kim, H.S. and Lábár, János (2013) High temperature thermal stability of pure copper and copper - carbon nanotube composites consolidated by High Pressure Torsion. OMPOSITES PART A-APPLIED SCIENCE AND MANUFACTURING, 51. pp. 71-79. ISSN 1359-835X

Gubicza, Jenő and Lábár, János and Quynh, Luu Manh and Namc, Nguyen Hoang and Luong, Nguyen Hoang (2013) Evolution of size and shape of gold nanoparticles during long-time aging. MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS, 138 (2-3). pp. 449-453. ISSN 0254-0584

Hegedűs, Zoltán and Gubicza, Jenő and Kawasaki, M. and Chinh, Nguyen Quang and Lábár, János and Langdon, T.G. (2013) Stability of the ultrafine-grained microstructure in silver processed by ECAP and HPT. Journal of Materials Science, 48. pp. 4637-4645. ISSN 0022-2461

Nemouchi, F. and Carron, V. and Lábár, János (2013) Formation of NiGe through germanium oxide on Ge(100) substrate. MICROELECTRONIC ENGINEERING, 107. pp. 178-183. ISSN 0167-9317

Fogarassy, Zsolt and Dobrik, Gergely and Varga, Lajos Károly and Biró, László Péter and Lábár, János (2013) Growth of Ni layers on single crystal sapphire substrates. THIN SOLID FILMS, 539. pp. 96-101. ISSN 0040-6090

Jenei, Péter and Yoon, E.Y. and Gubicza, Jenő and Kim, H.S. and Lábár, János and Ungár, Tamás (2013) Microstructure and thermal stability of copper - carbon nanotube composites consolidated by High Pressure Torsion. Materials Science Forum, 729. pp. 228-233. ISSN 0255-5476

Morgiel, J. and Grzonka, J. and Mania, R. and Zimowski, S.ł. and Lábár, János and Fogarassy, Zsolt (2013) Relation between microstructure and hardness of nano-composite CrN/Si 3N4 coatings obtained using CrSi single target magnetron system. Vacuum, 90. pp. 170-175. ISSN 0042-207X

Kiss, Ákos and Lábár, János (2013) A method for complete characterization of the macroscopic geometry of grain boundaries. Materials Science Forum, 729. pp. 97-102. ISSN 0255-5476

Lábár, János and Kiss, Ákos Koppány and Christiansen, Silke and Falk, Fritz (2012) Characterization of Grain Boundary Geometry in the TEM, exemplified in Si thin films. SOLID STATE PHENOMENA, 186. pp. 7-12. ISSN 1012-0394

Gubicza, Jenő and Chinh, Nguyen Quang and Lábár, János and Hegedűs, Zoltán and Szommer, Péter and Tichy, Géza and Langdon, Terence G. (2008) Delayed microstructural recovery in silver processed by equal-channel angular pressing. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE, 43 (16). pp. 5672-5676. ISSN 0022-2461 (print), 1573-4803 (online)

Gubicza, Jenő and Lábár, János and Agócs, Emil and Fátay, D. and Lendvai, János (2008) Effect of nano-quasicrystals on viscosity of a Zr-based bulk metallic glass. Scripta Materialia, 58 (4). pp. 291-294. ISSN 1359-6462

Gubicza, Jenő and Fogarassy, Zsolt and Krállics, Gy. and Lábár, János and Törköly, T. (2008) Microstructure and mechanical behavior of ultrafine-grained titanium. Materials Science Forum, 589. pp. 99-104. ISSN 0255-5476

Gubicza, Jenő and Chinh, Nguyen Quang and Lábár, János and Hegedűs, Zoltán and Xu, Cheng and Langdon, Terence G. (2008) Microstructure and yield strength of severely deformed silver. Scripta Materialia, 58 (9). pp. 775-778. ISSN 1359-6462

Gubicza, Jenő and Nauyoks, S. and Balogh, Levente and Lábár, János and Zerda, T. W. and Ungár, Tamás (2007) Influence of sintering temperature and pressure on crystallite size and lattice defect structure in nanocrystalline SiC. Journal of Materials Research, 22 (05). pp. 1314-1321. ISSN 0884-2914 (print), 2044-5326 (online)

Kiss, Viktória and Pósfai, Mihály and Lábár, János (2006) Nanostructure of atmospheric soot particles. Atmospheric Environment, 40 (29). pp. 5533-5542. ISSN 13522310


Pécz, Béla and Barna, Árpád and Dobos, László and Lábár, János and Makkai, Zsolt and Radnóczi, György Zoltán and Radnóczi, György and Tóth, Lajos and Veisz, Bernadett (2008) Széles tiltottsávú félvezető rétegek növekedése, szintézise és mikroszkópiája = Growth, synthesis and microscopy of wide bandgap semiconducting layers. Project Report. OTKA.

Lábár, János and Bene, Erika and Kovács, András and Pécz, Béla and Radnóczi, György and Vörös, György (2007) Kvantitatív elektronmikroszkópia = Quantitative transmission electron microscopy. Project Report. OTKA.

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