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Kiss, Lorand and Mándity, István and Fülöp, Ferenc (2017) Highly functionalized cyclic β‑amino acid moieties as promising scaffolds in peptide research and drug design. Amino Acids. pp. 1441-1455. ISSN 1438-2199

Samavati, Reza and Zádor, Ferenc and Szűcs, Edina and Tuka, Bernadett and Martos, Diána and Veres, Gábor and Gáspár, Róbert and Mándity, István and Vécsei, László and Benyhe, Sándor and Borsodi, Anna (2017) Kynurenic acid and its analogue can alter the opioid receptor G-protein signaling after acute treatment via NMDA receptor in rat cortex and striatum. JOURNAL OF THE NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES, 376. pp. 63-70. ISSN 0022-510X

Hegedüs, Zsófia and Makra, Ildikó and Imre, Norbert and Hetényi, Anasztázia and Mándity, István and Monostori, Éva and Martinek, Tamás (2016) Foldameric probes for membrane interactions by induced β-sheet folding. CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS (9). pp. 1891-1894. ISSN 1359-7345

Ötvös, Sándor Balázs and Szloszar, Aliz and Mándity, István and Fülöp, Ferenc (2015) Heterogeneous Dipeptide-Catalyzed a-Amination of Aldehydes in a Continuous-Flow Reactor: Effect of Residence Time on Enantioselectivity. Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis, 357 (16-17). pp. 3671-3680. ISSN 1615-4150

Ötvös, Sándor Balázs and Hatoss, Gábor and Georgiádes, Ádám and Kovács, Szabolcs and Mándity, István and Novák, Zoltán and Fülöp, Ferenc (2014) CONTINUOUS-FLOW AZIDE–ALKYNE CYCLOADDITIONS WITH AN EFFECTIVE BIMETALLIC CATALYST AND A SIMPLE SCAVENGER SYSTEM. RSC Advances. ISSN 2046-2069

Mándity, István and Olasz, Balázs and Ötvös, Sándor Balázs and Fülöp, Ferenc (2014) Continuous-Flow Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis: A Revolutionary Reduction of the Amino Acid Excess. ChemSusChem. pp. 1-6. ISSN 1864-5631

Mándity, István and Monsignori, Antonella and Fülöp, Lívia and Forró, Enikő and Fülöp, Ferenc (2014) Exploiting Aromatic Interactions for b-Peptide Foldamer Helix Stabilization: A Significant Design Element. CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL (20). pp. 4591-4597. ISSN 0947-6539

Fülöp, Lívia and Mándity, István and Juhász, Gábor and Szegedi, Viktor and Hetényi, Anasztázia and Wéber, Edit and Bozsó, Zsolt and Simon, Dóra and Benkő, Mária and Király, Zoltán and Martinek, Tamás (2012) A Foldamer-Dendrimer Conjugate Neutralizes Synaptotoxic β-Amyloid Oligomers. PLOS ONE, 7 (7). e39485. ISSN 1932-6203

Mándity, István (2012) Nagy hatékonyságú kémiai átalakítások folyamatos áramban : védőcsoport-eltávolítás, deuterálás és organokatalízis. MAGYAR KÉMIKUSOK LAPJA, 67 (11). pp. 336-337. ISSN 0025-0163

Mándity, István and Fülöp, Lívia and Vass, Elemér and Tóth, Gábor and Martinek, Tamás and Fülöp, Ferenc (2010) Building beta-Peptide H10/12 Foldamer Helices with Six-Membered Cyclic Side-Chains: Fine-Tuning of Folding and Self-Assembly. ORGANIC LETTERS, 12 (23). pp. 5584-5587. ISSN 1523-7060

Mándity, István and Wéber, Edit and Martinek, Tamás and Olajos, Gábor and Tóth, Gábor and Vass, Elemér and Fülöp, Ferenc (2009) Design of Peptidic Foldamer Helices: A Stereochemical Patterning Approach. ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION, 48 (12). pp. 2171-2175. ISSN 1433-7851

Hetényi, Anasztázia and Szakonyi, Zsolt and Mándity, István and Szolnoki, Éva Tünde and Tóth, Gábor and Martinek, Tamás and Fülöp, Ferenc (2009) Sculpting the beta-peptide foldamer H12 helix via a designed side-chain shape. CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS (2). pp. 177-179. ISSN 1359-7345

Martinek, Tamás and Hetényi, Anasztázia and Fülöp, Lívia and Mándity, István and Tóth, Gábor and Dékány, Imre and Fülöp, Ferenc (2006) Secondary structure dependent self-assembly of beta-peptides into nanosized fibrils and membranes. ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION, 45 (15). pp. 2396-2400. ISSN 1433-7851

Hetényi, Anasztázia and Mándity, István and Martinek, Tamás and Tóth, Gábor and Fülöp, Ferenc (2005) Chain-length-dependent helical motifs and self-association of beta-peptides with constrained side chains. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 127 (2). pp. 547-553. ISSN 0002-7863

Book Section

Nieuwland, Pieter and Koch, Kaspar and Becker, René and Ötvös, Sándor Balázs and Mándity, István and Fülöp, Ferenc (2014) Experimental procedures for conducting organic reactions in continuous flow. In: Flow Chemistry. De Gruyter Textbook, 1 . DeGruyter, Berlin, pp. 153-186. ISBN 978-3-11-028915-2


Martinek, Tamás and Balázs, Árpád and Hetényi, Anasztázia and Mándity, István and Szakonyi, Zsolt (2010) Béta-aminosavaktól a biomimetikus foldamerekig és bioaktív építőelemekig = From the Beta-Amino Acid Toolkit to Biomimicking Foldamers and Bioactive Building Blocks. Project Report. OTKA.

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