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Bede, Ádám and Salisbury, Roderick B. and Csathó, András István and Czukor, Péter and Páll, Dávid Gergely and Szilágyi, Gábor and Sümegi, Pál (2015) Report of the complex geoarcheological survey at the Ecse-halom kurgan in Hortobágy, Hungary. Central European Geology, 58 (3). pp. 268-289. ISSN 1788-2281

Bede, Ádám and Csathó, András István and Czukor, Péter and Sümegi, Pál (2015) A hortobágyi Ecse-halom tájtörténete. TÁJÖKOLÓGIAI LAPOK, 13 (1). pp. 169-184. ISSN 1589-4673

Feurdean, A. and Perşoiu, A. and Tanţău, I. and Stevens, T. and Magyari, Enikő Katalin and Sümegi, Pál and Tóth, Mónika (2014) Climate variability and associated vegetation response throughout Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) between 60 and 8 ka. QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS, 106 (15). pp. 206-224. ISSN 0277-3791

Magyari, Enikő Katalin and Kuneš, Petr and Jakab, Gusztáv and Sümegi, Pál and Pelánková, Barbora and Schäbitz, Frank and Braun, Mihály and Chytrý, Milan (2014) Late Pleniglacial vegetation in eastern-central Europe: are there modern analogues in Siberia? Quaternary Science Reviews, 95. pp. 60-79. ISSN 02773791

Sümegi, Pál and Magyari, Enikő and Dániel, Péter and Molnár, Mihály and Törőcsik, Tünde (2013) Responses of terrestrial ecosystems to Dansgaard–Oeshger cycles and Heinrich-events: A 28,000-year record of environmental changes from SE Hungary. Quaternary International, 293. pp. 34-50. ISSN 10406182

Páll, Dávid Gergely and Gulyás, Sándor and Sümegi, Pál and Hupuczi, Júlia and Veres, Zsolt (2013) Micromorphological investigations on two paleosol horizons of the loess/paleosol sequence of Madaras, Hungary. Central European Geology, 56 (4). pp. 337-358. ISSN 1788-2281

Sümegi, Pál and Gulyás, Sándor and Csökmei, Bálint and Molnár, Dávid and Hambach, Ulrich and Stevens, Thomas and Markovic, Slobodan B. and Almond, Peter C. (2012) Climatic fluctuations inferred for the Middle and Late Pleniglacial (MIS 2) based on high-resolution (∼ca. 20 y) preliminary environmental magnetic investigation of the loess section of the Madaras brickyard (Hungary). Central European Geology, 55 (3). pp. 329-345. ISSN 1788-2281

Náfrádi, Katalin and Persaits, Gergő and Sümegi, Pál (2012) Complex geoarcheological investigation at the Székelyudvarhely-Kadicsfalva/Cãdiseni site (Romania). Central European Geology, 55 (4). pp. 365-395. ISSN 1788-2281

Demény, Attila and Schöll-Barna, Gabriella and Fórizs, István and Osán, János and Sümegi, Pál and Bajnóczi, Bernadett (2012) Stable isotope compositions and trace element concentrations in freshwater bivalve shells (Unio sp.) as indicators of environmental changes at Tiszapüspöki, eastern Hungary. Central European Geology, 55 (4). pp. 441-460. ISSN 1788-2281

Demény, Attila and Schöll-Barna, Gabriella and Sümegi, Pál and Sipos, Péter and Fórizs, István and Balázs, Brigitta Réka and Bajnóczi, Bernadett and Cook, Gordon (2012) Stable isotope compositions of bivalve shells and geochemistry of bulk sediments in a 5–20 ky fluvial section at Körösladány, SE Hungary: Sedimentary changes vs. climate signals. Central European Geology, 55 (4). pp. 417-439. ISSN 1788-2281

Demény, Attila and Schöll-Barna, Gabriella and Sümegi, Pál and Sipos, Péter and Balázs, Brigitta Réka (2011) Sedimentary changes vs. climate signals in bivalve shell and bulk rock compositions in a Late Pleistocene to Early Holocene fluvial section at Körösladány, SE-Hungary. Central European Geology, 54 (1-2). pp. 167-171. ISSN 1788-2281

Jakab, Gusztáv and Sümegi, Pál (2010) Preliminary data on the bog surface wetness from the Sirok Nyírjes-tó peat bog, Mátra Mts, Hungary. Central European Geology, 53 (1). pp. 43-65. ISSN 1788-2281

Krolopp, Endre and Fuköh, Levente and Molnár, Sándor and Sümegi, Pál (2009) Magyarországi kvartermalakológiai adatbázis kiépítése = The creation of a quartermalacological database in Hungary. Project Report. OTKA.

Geiger, János and Földes, Tamás and Hum, László and Mucsi, László and Sümegi, Pál and Szanyi, János (2007) Folyóvízi övzátony testek mikro és makroléptékű 3D szedimentológiai modellezése = 3D Sedimentological Modeling of Point Bar Sand Bodies. Project Report. OTKA.

Sümegi, Pál (2007) Régészeti geológia - ember és környezet hosszú távú kapcsolatának rekonstrukciója a Kárpát-medencében. Project Report. OTKA.

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