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Demeter, Kornél and Török, Bibiána and Fodor, Anna and Varga, János and Ferenczi, Szilamér and Kovács, Krisztina J. and Eszik, Ildikó and Szegedi, Viktor and Zelena, Dóra (2016) Possible contribution of epigenetic changes in the development of schizophrenia-like behavior in vasopressin-deficient Brattleboro rats. BEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCH, 300. pp. 123-134. ISSN 0166-4328

Fodor, Anna and Kovács, Krisztina Bea and Balázsfi, Diána and Klausz, Barbara and Pintér, Ottó and Demeter, Kornél and Zelena, Dóra (2016) Depressive- and anxiety-like behaviors and stress-related neuronal activation in vasopressin-deficient female Brattleboro rats. Physiology and Behavior, 158. pp. 100-111. ISSN 0031-9384

Zelena, Dóra and Mikics, Éva and Balázsfi, Diána and Klausz, Barbara and Urbán, Eszter and Bodóné Sipos, Eszter and Bíró, László and Kovács, Krisztina and Ferenczi, Szilamér and Haller, József (2016) Enduring abolishment of remote but not recent expression of conditioned fear by the blockade of calcium-permeable AMPA receptors before extinction training. PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY, 233 (11). pp. 2065-2076. ISSN 0033-3158

Demeter, Kornél and Török, Bibián and Fodor, Anna and Varga, János and Ferenczi, Szilamér and Kovács, Krisztina and Eszik, Ildikó and Szegedi, Viktor and Zelena, Dóra (2016) Possible contribution of epigenetic changes in the development of schizophrenia-like behavior in vasopressin-deficient Brattleboro rats. BEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCH, 300. pp. 123-134. ISSN 0166-4328

Zelena, Dóra and Makara, B. Gábor (2015) Szteroidok: A glükokortikoidok élettani és gyógyszertani hatásai. Orvosi Hetilap, 156 (35). pp. 1415-1425. ISSN 0030-6002

Zelena, Dóra and Stocker, Berhard and Barna, István and Tóth, Zsuzsanna E. and Makara, Gábor (2015) Vasopressin deficiency diminishes acute and long-term consequences of maternal deprivation in male rat pups. PSYCHONEUROENDOCRINOLOGY, 51. pp. 378-391. ISSN 0306-4530

Fodor, Anna and Tímár, Júlia and Zelena, Dóra (2014) Behavioral effects of perinatal opioid exposure. LIFE SCIENCES, 104 (1-2). pp. 1-8. ISSN 0024-3205

Fodor, Anna and Zelena, Dóra (2014) The Effect of Maternal Stress Activation on the Offspring during Lactation in Light of Vasopressin. THE SCIENTIFIC WORLD JOURNAL. Article nr.-265394. ISSN 1537-744X

Varga, János and Klausz, Barbara and Domokos, Ágnes and Kálmán, Sára and Pákáski, Magdolna and Szűcs, Szabina and Garab, Dénes and Zvara, Ágnes and Puskás, László and Kálmán, János and Tímár, Júlia and Bagdy, György and Zelena, Dóra (2014) Increase in Alzheimer's related markers preceeds memory disturbances: Studies in vasopressin-deficient Brattleboro rat. BRAIN RESEARCH BULLETIN, 100. pp. 6-13. ISSN 0361-9230

Balázsfi, Diána and Pintér, Ottó and Klausz, Barbara and Kovács, Krisztina B. and Fodor, Anna and Zelena, Dóra and Török, Bibiána (2014) Restoration of peripheral V2 receptor vasopressin signaling fails to correct behavioral changes in Brattleboro rats. PSYCHONEUROENDOCRINOLOGY, 51C. pp. 11-23. ISSN 0306-4530

Aliczki, Manó and Fodor, Anna and Balogh, Zoltán and Haller, József and Zelena, Dóra (2014) The effects of lactation on impulsive behavior in vasopressin-deficient Brattleboro rats. Hormones and Behavior, 66 (3). pp. 545-551. ISSN 0018-506X

Filaretova, L. P. and Bagaeva, T. R. and Morozova, O. Y. and Zelena, Dóra (2014) A wider view on gastric erosion: detailed evaluation of complex somatic and behavioral changes in rats treated with indomethacin at gastric ulcerogenic dose. Endocrine Regulations, 48 (4). pp. 163-172. ISSN 1210-0668

Fodor, Anna and Pintér, Ottó and Domokos, Ágnes and Langnäse, Kristina and Barna, István and Zelena, Dóra (2013) Blunted HPA axis response in lactating, vasopressin-deficient Brattleboro rats. JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY, 219 (2). pp. 89-100. ISSN 0022-0795

Varga, János and Ferenczi, Szilamér and Kovács, Krisztina and Garafova, A. and Jezova, D. and Zelena, Dóra (2013) Comparison of Stress-Induced Changes in Adults and Pups: Is Aldosterone the Main Adrenocortical Stress Hormone during the Perinatal Period in Rats? PLOS ONE, 8 (9). e72313. ISSN 1932-6203

Filaretova, L. and Morozova, O. and László, F. and Morschl, E. and Zelena, Dóra (2013) Does chronic stress enhance the risk of diseases? ENDOCRINE REGULATIONS, 47 (4). pp. 177-188. ISSN 1210-0668

Bazhan, Nadezhda and Zelena, Dóra (2013) Food-intake regulation during stress by the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis. Brain Research Bulletin, 95. pp. 46-53. ISSN 0361-9230

Aliczki, Manó and Zelena, Dóra and Mikics, Éva and Varga, Zoltán K. and Pintér, Ottó and Bakos, Nikoletta Venczkone and Varga, János and Haller, József (2013) Monoacylglycerol lipase inhibition-induced changes in plasma corticosterone levels, anxiety and locomotor activity in male CD1 mice. Hormones and Behavior, 63 (5). pp. 752-758. ISSN 0018-506X

Zelena, Dóra and Pintér, Ottó and Langnaese, Kristina and Richter, K. and Landgraf, R. and Makara, Gábor (2013) Oxytocin in Brattleboro rats: increased synthesis is contrasted by blunted intrahypothalamic release from supraoptic nucleus neurones. JOURNAL OF NEUROENDOCRINOLOGY, 25 (8). pp. 711-718. ISSN 0953-8194

Jain, S. K. and Zelena, Dóra (2013) Role of ionotropic glutamate receptors in the control of prolactin secretion by other neurotransmitters and neuropeptides at the level of the pituitary. ENDOCRINE REGULATIONS, 47 (2). pp. 65-74. ISSN 1210-0668

Csölle, Cecília and Andó, Rómeó and Kittel, Ágnes and Gölöncsér, Flóra and Baranyi, Mária and Soproni, Krisztina and Zelena, Dóra and Haller, József and Németh, Tamás and Mócsai, Attila and Sperlágh, Beáta (2013) The absence of P2X7 receptors (P2rx7) on non-haematopoietic cells leads to selective alteration in mood-related behaviour with dysregulated gene expression and stress reactivity in mice. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY, 16 (1). pp. 213-233. ISSN 1461-1457

Derks, N. M. and Pintér, Ottó and Zuure, W. and Ledent, C. and Watanabe, M. and Molnár, Csilla and Hrabovszky, Erik and Zelena, Dóra (2012) Cannabinoid modulation of midbrain urocortin 1 neurones during acute and chronic stress. JOURNAL OF NEUROENDOCRINOLOGY, 24 (11). pp. 1447-1461. ISSN 0953-8194

Fodor, Anna and Klausz, Barbara and Pintér, Ottó and Daviu, Nuria and Rabasa, Cristina and Balazsfi, Diana and Kovács, B. Krisztina and Zelena, Dóra (2012) Maternal neglect with reduced depressive-like behavior and blunted c-fos activation in Brattleboro mothers, the role of central vasopressin. HORMONES AND BEHAVIOR, 62 (4). pp. 539-551. ISSN 0018-506X

Könczöl, Katalin and Pintér, Ottó and Ferenczi, Szilamér and Varga, János and Kovács, Krisztina and Palkovits, Miklós and Zelena, Dóra and Tóth, Zsuzsanna (2012) Nesfatin-1 exerts long-term effect on food intake and body temperature. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OBESITY, 36 (12). pp. 1514-1521. ISSN 0307-0565

Zelena, Dóra (2012) Vasopressin in health and disease with a focus on affective disorders. CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM AGENTS IN MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 12 (4). pp. 286-303. ISSN 1871-5249

Zelena, Dóra and Barna, István and Klausz, Barbara and Mergl, Zsuzsanna and Pintér, Ottó (2012) A stressz-függő viselkedés (szorongás) vazopresszinerg és oxytocinerg kontrollja: vizsgálatok Brattleboro patkányok felhasználásával = Neuropeptidergic control of stress-related behavior including anxiety-related behavior by arginine vasopressin and oxytocin: studies employing the model organism Brattleboro rat. Project Report. OTKA.

Zelena, Dóra (2009) A depresszió és a hypothalamo-hypophysis-mellékvese tengely, különös tekintettel a vazopresszin szerepére = Depression and the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis especially the role of vasopressin. Project Report. OTKA.

Zelena, Dóra (2009) A hypothalamicus vazopresszin elválasztás szerepe a depresszió-szerű tünetek kialakulásában = The involvement of hypothalamic vasopressin release in depression-like symptoms. Project Report. OTKA.

Makara, B. Gábor and Barna, István and Mergl, Zsuzsanna and Zelena, Dóra (2007) A hipofizis-mellékvesekéreg rendszer agyi szabályozása krónikus stresszt okozó betegségmodellekben = Regulation of the pituitary-adrenocortical system in chronic stress disease models. Project Report. OTKA.

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