Rational design of balanced dual-targeting antibiotics with limited resistance

Nyerges, Ákos and Tomašič, Tihomir and Durcik, Martina and Révész, Tamás and Szili, Petra and Draskovits, Gábor and Bogár, Ferenc and Daruka, Lejla and Kintses, Bálint and Vásárhelyi, Bálint and Földesi, Imre and Kata, Diána and Pál, Csaba (2020) Rational design of balanced dual-targeting antibiotics with limited resistance. PLOS BIOLOGY, 18 (10). pp. 1-31. ISSN 1544-9173 (print); 1545-7885 (online)

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Antibiotics that inhibit multiple bacterial targets offer a promising therapeutic strategy against resistance evolution, but developing such antibiotics is challenging. Here we demonstrate that a rational design of balanced multitargeting antibiotics is feasible by using a medicinal chemistry workflow. The resultant lead compounds, ULD1 and ULD2, belonging to a novel chemical class, almost equipotently inhibit bacterial DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV complexes and interact with multiple evolutionary conserved amino acids in the ATP-binding pockets of their target proteins. ULD1 and ULD2 are excellently potent against a broad range of gram-positive bacteria. Notably, the efficacy of these compounds was tested against a broad panel of multidrug-resistantStaphylococcus aureusclinical strains. Antibiotics with clinical relevance against staphylococcal infections fail to inhibit a significant fraction of these isolates, whereas both ULD1 and ULD2 inhibit all of them (minimum inhibitory concentration [MIC] <= 1 mu g/mL). Resistance mutations against these compounds are rare, have limited impact on compound susceptibility, and substantially reduce bacterial growth. Based on their efficacy and lack of toxicity demonstrated in murine infection models, these compounds could translate into new therapies against multidrug-resistant bacterial infections.

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