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Monostori, István and Árendás, Tamás and Hoffmann, Borbála and Galiba, Gábor and Gierczik, Krisztián and Szira, Fruzsina and Vágújfalvi, Attila (2016) Relationship between SPAD value and grain yield can be affected by cultivar, environment and soil nitrogen content in wheat. EUPHYTICA, 211 (1). pp. 103-112. ISSN 0014-2336

Boldizsár, Ákos and Carrera, Dániel and Gulyás, Zsolt and Vashegyi, Ildikó and Novák, Aliz and Kalapos, Balázs and Paál, Magda and Galiba, Gábor and Kocsy, Gábor (2015) Comparison of redox and gene expression changes during vegetative/generative transition in crowns and leaves of chromosome 5A substitution lines of wheat under low-temperature condition. JOURNAL OF APPLIED GENETICS. ISSN 1234-1983

Marozsán-Tóth, Zsuzsa and Vashegyi, Ildikó and Galiba, Gábor and Tóth, Balázs (2015) The cold response of CBF genes in barley is regulated by distinct signaling mechanisms. Journal of Plant Physiology, 181. pp. 42-49. ISSN 0176-1617

Bózváriné Juhász, Zsófia and Boldizsár, Ákos and Nagy, Tibor and Kocsy, Gábor and Marincs, Ferenc and Galiba, Gábor and Bánfalvi, Zsófia (2015) Pleiotropic effect of chromosome 5A and the mvp mutation on the metabolite profile during cold acclimation and the vegetative/generative transition in wheat. BMC PLANT BIOLOGY, 15. p. 57. ISSN 1471-2229

Gulyás, Zsolt and Boldizsár, Ákos and Novák, Alíz and Szalai, Gabriella and Pál, Magda and Galiba, Gábor and Kocsy, Gábor (2014) Central role of the flowering repressor ZCCT2 in the redox control of freezing tolerance and the initial development of flower primordia in wheat. BMC PLANT BIOLOGY, 14 (1). p. 91. ISSN 1471-2229

Vanková, Radomira and Kosová, Klára and Dobrev, Petre and Vítámvás, Pavel and Trávníčková, Alena and Galiba, Gábor (2014) Dynamics of cold acclimation and complex phytohormone responses in Triticum monococcum lines G3116 and DV92 differing in vernalization and frost tolerance level. ENVIRONMENTAL AND EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY, 101. pp. 12-25. ISSN 0098-8472

Szira, Fruzsina and Monostori, István and Galiba, Gábor and Rakszegi, Marianna and Bálint, András Ferenc (2014) Micronutrient contents and nutritional values of commercial wheat flours and flours of field-grown wheat varieties-A survey in Hungary. CEREAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS, 42 (2). pp. 293-302. ISSN 0133-3720

Keyster, Marshall and Klein, Ashwil and Du Plessis, Morné and Kocsy, Gábor and Galiba, Gábor (2013) Capacity to control oxidative stress-induced caspase-like activity determines the level of tolerance to salt stress in two contrasting maize genotypes. ACTA PHYSIOLOGIAE PLANTARUM, 35 (1). pp. 31-40. ISSN 0137-5881

Vashegyi, Ildikó and Marozsánné Tóth, Zsuzsa and Galiba, Gábor and Dobrev, Petre I. ‎ and Vankova, Radomira and Tóth, Balázs (2013) Cold Response of Dedifferentiated Barley Cells at the Gene Expression, Hormone Composition, and Freezing Tolerance Levels: Studies on Callus Cultures. MOLECULAR BIOTECHNOLOGY, 54 (2). pp. 337-349. ISSN 1073-6085

Ganeva, G. and Petrova, T. and Landjeva, S. and Todorovska, E. and Kolev, S. and Galiba, Gábor and Szira, Fruzsina and Bálint, András Ferenc (2013) Frost tolerance in winter wheat cultivars: different effects of chromosome 5A and association with microsatellite alleles. BIOLOGIA PLANTARUM, 57 (1). pp. 184-188. ISSN 0006-3134

Pearce, Stephen and Zhu, Jie and Boldizsár, Ákos and Vágújfalvi, Attila and Burke, Adrienne and Galiba, Gábor and Garland‑Campbell, Kimberley and Dubcovsky, Jorge (2013) Large deletions in the CBF gene cluster at the Fr-B2 locus are associated with reduced frost tolerance in wheat. THEORETICAL AND APPLIED GENETICS, 126 (11). pp. 2683-2697. ISSN 0040-5752

Boldizsár, Ákos and Simonné Sarkadi, Livia and Szirtes, K. and Soltész, Alexandra and Szalai, Gabriella and Galiba, Gábor and Kocsy, Gábor (2013) Nitric oxide affects salt-induced changes in free amino acid levels in maize. Journal of Plant Physiology, 170 (11). pp. 1020-1027. ISSN 0176-1617

Kocsy, Gábor and Tari, Irma and Vanková, Radomíra and Zechmann, Bernd and Gulyás, Zsolt and Poór, Péter and Galiba, Gábor (2013) Redox control of plant growth and development. PLANT SCIENCE, 211. pp. 77-91. ISSN 0168-9452


Vágújfalvi, Attila and Galiba, Gábor and Monostori, István and Novák, Aliz and Papp, István and Soltész, Alexandra and Szira, Fruzsina and Tandori, Júlia (2013) A búza fagyállóságban szerepet játszó Cbf gének szerepének bizonyítása transzformációval = Proving the role of Cbf genes in wheat frost tolerance by transformation. Project Report. OTKA.

Vágújfalvi, Attila and Galiba, Gábor and Kocsy, Gábor and Tóth, Balázs (2008) Az alacsonyhőmérsékleti stressz hatására indukálódó regulátor gének vizsgálata búzában = Studying regulatory genes induced at low temperature in wheat. Project Report. OTKA.

Kocsy, Gábor and Bauer, Pál Imre and Galiba, Gábor and Kénesi, Erzsébet and Tóth, Balázs and Vágújfalvi, Attila (2007) Az antioxidánsok és a poli(ADP-ribóz) polimeráz szerepe a gabonafélék abiotikus stresszek által indukált öregedésében = Role of antioxidants and poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase in senescence of cereals induced by abiotic stresses. Project Report. OTKA.

Conference or Workshop Item

Marozsán-Tóth, Zsuzsa and Vashegyi, Ildikó and Galiba, Gábor and Tóth, Balázs (2014) Signaling components in the cold stress response of barley. In: Plant Biology Europe FESPB/EPSO 2014 Congress, 2014.06.22-26., Dublin, Írország.

Vashegyi, Ildikó and Marozsán-Tóth, Zsuzsa and Galiba, Gábor and Dobrev, Petre I. ‎ and Vankova, Radomira and Tóth, Balázs (2013) Regulatory components involved in cold tolerance of barley cells. In: 2nd Conference of Cereal Biotechnology and Breeding, 2013.11.05-07., Budapest, Magyarország.

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