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Nagy, Valéria and Vidal-Meireles, A. and Tengölics, Roland and Rákhely, Gábor and Garab, Győző and Kovács, László and Tóth, Szilvia Zita (2016) Ascorbate accumulation during sulphur deprivation and its effects on photosystem II activity and H production of the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. PLANT CELL AND ENVIRONMENT. pp. 1-34. ISSN 0140-7791

Schneider, György and Kovács, Tamás and Rákhely, Gábor and Czeller, Miklós (2016) Biosensoric potential of microbial fuel cells. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 100 (16). pp. 7001-7009. ISSN 0175-7598 (print), 1432-0614 (online)

Sántha, Petra and Veszelka, Szilvia and Hoyk, Zsófia and Mészáros, Mária and Walter, Fruzsina and Tóth, Andrea and Kiss, Lóránd and Kincses, András and Seprényi, György and Rákhely, Gábor and Dér, András and Pákáski, Magdolna and Kálmán, János and Kittel, Ágnes and Deli, Mária Anna (2016) Restraint stress-induced morphological changes at the blood-brain barrier in adult rats. FRONTIERS IN MOLECULAR NEUROSCIENCE, 8. No. 88. ISSN 1662-5099

Bocsik, Alexandra and Walter, Fruzsina and Gyebrovszki, A. and Fülöp, L. and Blasig, I. E. and Ötvös, Ferenc and Tóth, András and Rákhely, Gábor and Veszelka, Szilvia and Deli, Mária Anna (2016) Reversible opening of intercellular junctions of intestinal epithelial and brain endothelial cells with tight junction modulator peptides. JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES, 105 (2). pp. 754-765. ISSN 0022-3549

Kovács, Etelka and Wirth, Roland and Maróti, Gergely and Bagi, Zoltán and Nagy, Katalin and Minárovits, János and Rákhely, Gábor and Kovács, Kornél Lajos (2015) Augmented biogas production from protein-rich substrates and associated metagenomic changes. BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY, 178. pp. 254-261. ISSN 0960-8524

Doffkay, Zsolt and Dömötör, Dóra and Kovács, Tamás and Rákhely, Gábor (2015) Bacteriophage therapy against plant, animal and human pathogens. ACTA BIOLOGICA SZEGEDIENSIS, 59 (Suppl.). pp. 291-302. ISSN 1588-385X

Ács, Norbert and Bagi, Zoltán and Rákhely, Gábor and Minárovits, János and Nagy, Katalin and Kovács, Kornél Lajos (2015) Bioaugmentation of biogas production by a hydrogen-producing bacterium. BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY, 186. pp. 286-293. ISSN 0960-8524

Kis, Ágnes and Laczi, Krisztián and Zsíros, Szilvia and Rákhely, Gábor and Perei, Katalin (2015) Biodegradation of animal fats and vegetable oils by Rhodococcus erythropolis PR4. INTERNATIONAL BIODETERIORATION & BIODEGRADATION, 105. pp. 114-119. ISSN 0964-8305

Laczi, Krisztián and Kis, Ágnes and Horváth, Balázs and Maróti, Gergely and Hegedüs, Botond and Perei, Katalin and Rákhely, Gábor (2015) Metabolic responses of Rhodococcus erythropolis PR4 grown on diesel oil and various hydrocarbons. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 99 (22). pp. 9745-9759. ISSN 0175-7598 (print), 1432-0614 (online)

Wirth, Roland and Lakatos, Gergely and Böjti, Tamás and Maróti, Gergely and Bagi, Zoltán and Kis, Mihály and Kovács, Attila and Ács, Norbert and Rákhely, Gábor and Kovács, Kornél Lajos (2015) Metagenome changes in the mesophilic biogas-producing community during fermentation of the green alga Scenedesmus obliquus. JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY. ISSN 0168-1656

Walter, Fruzsina and Veszelka, Szilvia and Pásztói, Mária and Péterfi, Zoltán A. and Tóth, András and Rákhely, Gábor and Deli, Mária Anna (2015) Tesmilifene modifies brain endothelial functions and opens the blood-brain/blood-glioma barrier. JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY, 134 (6). pp. 1040-1054. ISSN 0022-3042

Lakatos, Gergely and Deák, Zsuzsanna and Vass, Imre and Rétfalvi, Tamás and Rozgonyi, Szabolcs and Rákhely, Gábor and Ördög, Vince and Kondorosi, Éva and Maróti, Gergely (2014) Bacterial symbionts enhance photo-fermentative hydrogen evolution of Chlamydomonas algae. Green Chemistry, 16 (11). pp. 4716-4727. ISSN 1463-9262, ESSN: 1463-9270

Tóth, Andrea and Tóth, András and Walter, Fruzsina and Kiss, Lóránd and Veszelka, Szilvia and Ózsvári, Béla and Puskás, László and Rákhely, Gábor and Deli, Mária Anna (2014) Compounds Blocking Methylglyoxal-induced Protein Modification and Brain Endothelial Injury. ARCHIVES OF MEDICAL RESEARCH, 45 (8). pp. 753-764. ISSN 0188-4409

Tengölics, Roland and Mészáros, Lívia and Győri, E. and Doffkay, Zsolt and Kovács, Kornél Lajos and Rákhely, Gábor (2014) Connection between the membrane electron transport system and Hyn hydrogenase in the purple sulfur bacterium, Thiocapsa roseopersicina BBS. BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-BIOENERGETICS, 1837 (10). pp. 1691-1698. ISSN 0005-2728

Nagy, Csaba István and Vass, Imre and Rákhely, Gábor and Vass, István-Zoltán and Tóth, András and Peca, Loredana and Kós, Péter (2014) Coregulated Genes Link Sulfide:Quinone Oxidoreductase and Arsenic Metabolism in Synechocystis sp. Strain PCC6803. Journal of Bacteriology, 196 (19). pp. 3430-3440. ISSN 0021-9193 (print), 1098-5530 (online)

Boboescu, Iulian Zoltan and Gherman, Vasile Daniel and Mirel, Ion and Papp, Bernadett and Tengölics, Roland and Rákhely, Gábor and Kovács, Kornél Lajos and Kondorosi, Éva and Maróti, Gergely (2014) Simultaneous biohydrogen production and wastewater treatment based on the selective enrichment of the fermentation exosystem. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 39 (3). pp. 1502-1510. ISSN 0360-3199

Klem, József and Dömötör, Dóra and Schneider, György and Kovács, Tamás and Tóth, András and Rákhely, Gábor (2013) BACTERIOPHAGE THERAPY AGAINST STAPHYLOCOCCI. Acta Microbiologica et Immunologica Hungarica, 60 (4). pp. 411-422. ISSN 1217-8950 (print), 1588-2640 (online)

Ács, Norbert and Kovács, Etelka and Wirth, Roland and Bagi, Zoltán and Strang, Orsolya and Herbel, Zsófia and Rákhely, Gábor and Kovács, Kornél Lajos (2013) Changes in the Archaea microbial community when the biogas fermenters are fed with protein-rich substrates. BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY, 131. pp. 121-127. ISSN 0960-8524

Alvarez-Paggi, Damián and Meister, Wiebke and Kuhlmann, Uwe and Tenger, Katalin and Zimányi, László and Rákhely, Gábor (2013) Disentangling electron tunneling and protein dynamics of cytochrome c through a rationally designed surface mutation. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B - CONDENSED MATTER MATERIALS SURFACES INTERFACES AND BIOPHYSICAL, 117 (20). pp. 6061-6068. ISSN 1520-6106

Kovács, Kornél Lajos and Ács, Norbert and Kovács, Etelka and Wirth, Roland and Rákhely, Gábor and Strang, Orsolya and Herbel, Zsófia and Bagi, Zoltán (2013) Improvement of Biogas Production by Bioaugmentation. BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL, 2013. ISSN 2314-6133

Nyilasi, Andrea and Molnos, Éva and Lányi, Szabolcs and Nagy, Iosif and Rákhely, Gábor and Kovács, Kornél Lajos (2013) Photofermentative production of hydrogen from organic acids by the purple sulfur bacterium Thiocapsa roseopersicina. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY, 38 (14). pp. 5535-5544. ISSN 0360-3199

Nagy, Valéria and Tengölics, Roland and Schansker, Gert and Rákhely, Gábor and Kovács, Kornél Lajos and Garab, Győző and Tóth, Szilvia Zita (2012) Stimulatory effect of ascorbate, the alternative electron donor of photosystem II, on the hydrogen production of sulphur-deprived Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY, 37. pp. 8864-8871. ISSN 0360-3199


Zimányi, László and Bagyinka, Csaba and Bérczi, Alajos and Khoroshyy, Petro and Rákhely, Gábor and Tenger, Katalin (2009) A fehérjemátrix szerepe a redoxfehérjék működésében = Role of the protein matrix in the function of redox proteins. Project Report. OTKA.

Conference or Workshop Item

Veszelka, Szilvia and Mészáros, Mária and Tóth, András and Rákhely, Gábor and Révész, Piroska and Deli, Mária Anna (2016) HOGYAN AKNÁZHATÓK KI A VÉR-AGY GÁT TRANSZPORTRENDSZEREI A GYÓGYSZEREK IDEGRENDSZERBE VALÓ CÉLZOTT BEJUTTATÁSÁRA? In: Farmakokinetika és Gyógyszermetabolizmus Szimpózium, 2016. április 6-8., Galyatető.

Veszelka, Szilvia and Walter, Fruzsina R. and Tóth, András and Rákhely, Gábor and Mária, Mária (2015) VÉR-AGY GÁT TRANSZPORTEREK ÉS GYÓGYSZERBEJUTTATÁS A KÖZPONTI IDEGRENDSZERBE. In: Membrán-Transzport Konferencia, 2015. május 19-22, Sümeg, Magyarország.

Heiner, Zsuzsanna and Makai, András and Sarlós, Ferenc and Bagyinka, Csaba and Tóth, András and Rákhely, Gábor and Groma, Géza (2013) Fluorescence kinetics of flavin adenine dinucleotide in different microenvironments. In: 18. International conference on Ultrafast Phenomene: EPJ Web of Conferences, 2012.07.08-2012.07.13., Svájc, Lausanne.

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