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Hagler, Donald J. Jr. and Ulbert, István and Wittner, Lucia and Erőss, Loránd and Madsen, Joseph R. (2018) Heterogeneous origins of human sleep spindles in different cortical layers. JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, 38 (12). pp. 3013-3025. ISSN 0270-6474

Fiáth, Richárd and Hofer, Katharina and Csikós, V. and Horváth, Domonkos and Nánási, Tibor and Tóth, Kinga and Ulbert, István (2018) Long-term recording performance and biocompatibility of chronically implanted cylindrically-shaped, polymer-based neural interfaces. BIOMEDIZINISCHE TECHNIK, 63 (3). pp. 301-315. ISSN 0013-5585

Halgren, Milan and Fabó, Dániel and Ulbert, István and Madsen, J. R. and Erőss, Loránd (2018) Superficial Slow Rhythms Integrate Cortical Processing in Humans. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8 (1). pp. 1-12. ISSN 2045-2322

Fiáth, Richárd and Raducanu, Bogdan C. and Musa, S. and Andrei, A. and Lopez, C. M. and Horváth, Domonkos and Ulbert, István (2018) A silicon-based neural probe with densely-packed low-impedance titanium nitride microelectrodes for ultrahigh-resolution in vivo recordings. BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS, 106. pp. 86-92. ISSN 0956-5663

Ayub, Suleman and Gentet, Luc J. and Fiáth, Richárd and Schwaerzle, Michael and Borel, Mélodie and Barthó, Péter and Ulbert, István (2017) Hybrid intracerebral probe with integrated bare LED chips for optogenetic studies. BIOMEDICAL MICRODEVICES, 19 (49). pp. 1-19. ISSN 1387-2176

Tóth, Kinga and Hofer, Katharina and Kandrács, Ágnes and Entz, L. and Bagó, Attila György and Erőss, Loránd and Nagy, Gábor and Ulbert, István and Wittner, Lucia (2017) Hyperexcitability of the network contributes to synchronization processes in the human epileptic neocortex. JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LONDON, Epub a. doi: 10.1113/JP275413. ISSN 0022-3751

Cserpán, Dorottya and Meszéna, Domokos and Wittner, Lucia and Tóth, Kinga and Ulbert, István (2017) Revealing the distribution of transmembrane currents along the dendritic tree of a neuron from extracellular recordings. eLife, 6. e29384. ISSN 2050-084X

Raducanu, Bogdan C. and Yazicioglu, Refet F. and Lopez, Carolina M. and Ballini, Marco and Putzeys, Jan and Fiáth, Richárd and Ulbert, István (2017) Time Multiplexed Active Neural Probe with 1356 Parallel Recording Sites. SENSORS, 17 (10). p. 2388. ISSN 1424-8220

Tóth, Emília and Fabó, Dániel and Entz, L. and Ulbert, István and Erőss, Loránd (2016) Intracranial neuronal ensemble recordings and analysis in epilepsy. JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE METHODS, 260. pp. 261-269. ISSN 0165-0270

Fiáth, Richárd and Kerekes, Bálint Péter and Wittner, Lucia and Tóth, Kinga and Beregszaszi, P. and Horváth, Domonkos and Ulbert, István (2016) Laminar analysis of the slow wave activity in the somatosensory cortex of anesthetized rats. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, 44 (3). pp. 1935-1951. ISSN 0953-816X

Fiáth, Richárd and Beregszaszi, P. and Horváth, Domonkos and Wittner, Lucia and Aarts, A.A. and Ulbert, István (2016) Large-scale recording of thalamocortical circuits: in vivo electrophysiology with the two-dimensional electronic depth control silicon probe. JOURNAL OF NEUROPHYSIOLOGY, 116 (5). pp. 2312-2330. ISSN 0022-3077

Bérces, Zsófia and Tóth, Kinga and Márton, Gergely and Pál, Ildikó and Kováts-Megyesi, Bálint and Fekete, Zoltán and Ulbert, István and Pongrácz, Anita (2016) Neurobiochemical changes in the vicinity of a nanostructured neural implant. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 6. p. 35944. ISSN 2045-2322

Halgren, E. and Kaestner, E. and Marinkovic, K. and Cash, S. S. and Wang, C. and Ulbert, István (2015) Laminar profile of spontaneous and evoked theta: Rhythmic modulation of cortical processing during word integration. NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA, 76. pp. 108-124. ISSN 0028-3932

Márton, Gergely and Orbán, Gábor and Kiss, Marcell and Fiáth, Richárd and Pongrácz, Anita and Ulbert, István (2015) A Multimodal, SU-8-Platinum - Polyimide Microelectrode Array for Chronic In Vivo Neurophysiology. PLOS ONE, 10 (12). e0145307. ISSN 1932-6203

Hofer, Katharina and Kandracs, A. and Ulbert, István and Pál, Ildikó and Szabo, Cs. and Héja, László and Wittner, Lucia (2015) The hippocampal CA3 region can generate two distinct types of sharp wave-ripple complexes, in vitro. HIPPOCAMPUS, 25 (2). pp. 169-186. ISSN 1050-9631

Entz, László and Tóth, Emília and Keller, Corey J. and Bickel, Stephan and Groppe, David M. and Fabó, Dániel and Kozák, Lajos R. and Erőss, Loránd and Ulbert, István and Mehta, Ashesh D. (2014) Evoked effective connectivity of the human neocortex. Human brain mapping. pp. 1-18. ISSN 1097-0193

Keller, C. J. and Honey, C. J. and Entz, László and Bickel, S. and Groppe, D. M. and Tóth, Emília and Ulbert, István (2014) Corticocortical evoked potentials reveal projectors and integrators in human brain networks. JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, 34 (27). pp. 9152-9163. ISSN 0270-6474

Márton, Gergely and Bakos, István and Fekete, Zoltán and Ulbert, István and Pongrácz, Anita (2014) Durability of high surface area platinum deposits on microelectrode arrays for acute neural recordings. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE-MATERIALS IN MEDICINE, 25 (3). pp. 931-940. ISSN 0957-4530

Keller, C. J. and Honey, C. J. and Mégevand, P. and Entz, László and Ulbert, István (2014) Mapping human brain networks with cortico-ortical evoked potentials. PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, 369 (1653). p. 20130528. ISSN 0962-8436

Márton, Gergely and Orbán, Gábor and Kiss, Marcell and Pongrácz, Anita and Ulbert, István (2014) A Novel Polyimide – Platinum – SU-8 Microelectrode Array for Various Electrophysiological Applications. PROCEDIA ENGINEERING, 87. pp. 380-383. ISSN 1877-7058

Karlócai, R. Mária and Kohus, Zsolt and Káli, Szabolcs and Ulbert, István and Szabó, Gábor and Máté, Zoltán and Freund, Tamás and Gulyás, Attila (2014) Physiological sharp wave-ripples and interictal events in vitro: What’s the difference? Brain, 137 (Pt. 2). pp. 463-85. ISSN 0006-8950

Márton, Gergely and Kiss, Marcell and Orbán, Gábor and Pongrácz, Anita and Ulbert, István (2014) A polymer-based spiky microelectrode array for electrocorticography. MICROSYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES, n.a.. 10.1007/s00542-014. ISSN 0946-7076

Pongrácz, Anita and Fekete, Zoltán and Márton, Gergely and Bérczes, Zs. and Ulbert, István and Fürjes, Péter (2013) Deep-brain silicon multielectrodes for simultaneous neural recording and drug delivery. SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL, 189. pp. 97-105. ISSN 0925-4005

Márton, Gergely and Fekete, Zoltán and Fiáth, Richárd and Baracskay, Péter and Ulbert, István and Juhász, György and Battistig, Gábor and Pongrácz, Anita (2013) In vivo measurements with robust silicon-based multielectrode arrays with extreme shaft lengths. IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL, 13 (9). pp. 3263-3269. ISSN 1530-437X

Dombovári, Balázs and Fiáth, Richárd and Kerekes, Bálint Péter and Tóth, Emília and Horváth, Domonkos and Ulbert, István (2013) In vivo validation of the electronic depth control probes. BIOMEDIZINISCHE TECHNIK, 1 (1). pp. 1-7. ISSN 0013-5585

Hájos, Norbert and Karlócai, Rita and Németh, Beáta and Ulbert, István and Monyer, Hannah and Szabó, Gábor and Erdélyi, Ferenc and Freund, Tamás and Gulyás, Attila (2013) Input-Output Features of Anatomically Identified CA3 Neurons during Hippocampal Sharp Wave/Ripple Oscillation In Vitro. JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, 33 (28). pp. 11677-11691. ISSN 0270-6474

Héja, László and Nyitrai, Gabriella and Kékesi, Orsolya and Dobolyi, Arpád and Szabó, Pál and Fiáth, Richárd and Ulbert, István and Pál-Szenthe, Borbála and Palkovits, Miklós and Kardos, Julianna (2012) Astrocytes convert network excitation to tonic inhibition of neurons. BMC biology, 10. pp. 1-21. ISSN 1741-7007


Ulbert, István and Czirják, Sándor and Erőss, Loránd and Fabó, Dániel and Fogarasi, András and Halász, Péter and Karmos, György and Maglóczky, Zsófia and Vajda, János (2010) A neokortikális és hippocampális epilepsziák komplex elektrofiziológiai rétegelvezetéses és szövettani vizsgálata emberben = Complex laminar electrophysiological and histological examination of the human neocortical and hippocampal epilepsies. Project Report. OTKA.

Roska, Tamás and Csurgay, Árpád István and Iván, Kristóf and Kalló, Imre and Karmos, György and Kovács, Ferenc and Levendovszky, János and Nyékyné dr. Gaizler, Judit and Prószéky, Gábor and Rekeczky, Csaba and Szirányi, Tamás and Takács, György and Ulbert, István and Vidnyánszky, Zoltán (2010) Info-Bionika, Nanoelektronika és Mesterséges értés - Multidiszciplináris Információs Technológia = Info-Bionics, Nanoelectronics and Artificial Understanding - Multidisciplinary Information Technology. Project Report. OTKA.

Acsády, László and Barthó, Péter and Bodor, Ágnes Lívia and Bokor, Hajnalka and Lüthi, Anita and Slézia, Andrea and Ulbert, István (2009) Magasabbrendű talamikus magvak serkentő és gátló kontrollja = Excitatory and inhibitory control of higher order thalamic nuclei. Project Report. OTKA.

Czigler, István and Balázs, László and Csépe, Valéria and Egyed, Katalin and Horváth, János György and Karmos, György and Molnár, Márk and Ulbert, István and Weisz, Júlia and Winkler, István (2007) A megismerési folyamatok pszichofiziológiája: agyi elektromos tevékenység = Psychophysiology of cognitive processes: brain electric activity. Project Report. OTKA.

Conference or Workshop Item

File, Bálint and Klimaj, Zoltán and Somogyvári, Zoltán and Kozák, Lajos R. and Gyebnár, Gyula and Tóth, Brigitta and Kardos, Zsófia and Ulbert, István and Molnár, Márk (2016) Age-related changes of the representative modular structure in the brain. In: 2016 International Workshop on Pattern Recognition in Neuroimaging (PRNI), 22-24 June 2016, Trento, Italy.

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