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Csanády, Ágnes and Gábor, János and Jenei, Péter and Gubicza, Jenő and Szabó, Péter János and Fábián, Enikő Réka and Radnóczi, György and Tóth, Attila Lajos (2017) Secrets of Abraham Ganz’s Train Wheels Enlightened by Materials Science Methods. MATERIALS SCIENCE FORUM, 885. pp. 55-60. ISSN 0255-5476

Lugomer, S. and Zolnai, Zsolt and Tóth, Attila Lajos and Deák, András and Nagy, Norbert (2015) Ar+ ion irradiation-induced reorganization of colloidal silica nanoparticles in Langmuir–Blodgett monolayers. THIN SOLID FILMS, 574. pp. 136-145. ISSN 0040-6090

Dobos, László and Pécz, Béla and Tóth, Lajos and Horváth, Zsolt József and Horváth, Zsolt Endre and Tóth, Attila Lajos and Poisson, M.-A. (2014) Annealed Ti/Cr/Al contacts on n-GaN. VACUUM, 100. pp. 46-49. ISSN 0042-207X

Lohner, Tivadar and Agócs, Emil and Petrik, Péter and Zolnai, Zsolt and Szilágyi, Edit and Kovács, Imre and Szőkefalvi-Nagy, Zoltán and Tóth, Lajos and Tóth, Attila Lajos and Bársony, István (2014) Spectroellipsometric and ion beam analytical studies on a glazed ceramic object with metallic lustre decoration. THIN SOLID FILMS, 571 (3). pp. 715-719. ISSN 0040-6090

Gurbán, Sándor and Kotysh, László and Pongrácz, Anita and Sulyok, Attila and Tóth, Attila Lajos and Vázsonyi, Éva and Menyhárd, Miklós (2014) The chemical resistance of nano-sized SiC rich composite coating. SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY, in pre. in press. ISSN 0257-8972

Baji, Zsófia and Lábadi, Zoltán and Molnár, György and Pécz, Béla and Tóth, Attila Lajos and Tóth, József and Csik, Attila and Bársony, István (2013) Post-selenization of stacked precursor layers for CIGS. Vacuum, 92. pp. 44-51. ISSN 0042-207X

Sulyok, Attila and Tóth, Attila Lajos and Zommer, L. and Menyhárd, Miklós (2013) Simulation of the backscattered electron intensity of multilayer structure for the explanation of secondary electron contrast. Ultramicroscopy, 124. pp. 88-95. ISSN 0304-3991

Charnovych, István and Szabó, István and Tóth, Attila Lajos and Volk, János and Kökényesi, Sándor (2012) Plasmon assisted photoinduced surface changes in amorphous chalcogenide layer. JOURNAL OF NON-CRYSTALLINE SOLIDS, 377. pp. 200-204. ISSN 0022-3093

Szilágyi, Imre Miklós and Fórizs, Balázs and Rosseler, O. and Szegedi, Ágnes and Németh, Péter and Király, Péter and Tárkányi, Gábor and Vajna, Balázs and Vargáné Josepovits, Katalin and Nagyné László, Krisztina and Tóth, Attila Lajos and Baranyai, Péter (2012) WOˇˇ3ˇˇˇ photocatalysts: Influence of structure and composition. JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS, 294. pp. 119-127. ISSN 0021-9517


Tóth, Attila Lajos and Biró, László Péter and Kertész, Krisztián Imre and Koós, Antal Adolf and Márk, Géza István (2011) Fókuszált ionsugaras és elektronsugaras nano-megmunkálás fizikai-kémiai alapjainak vizsgálata különös tekintettel a potenciális nanoelektronikai alkalmazásokra = Investigation of physical and chemical basics of focused electron and ion beam nano-machining with special emphasis on possible applications in nanoelectronics. Project Report. OTKA.

Kádár, György and Balázs, János and Bársony, István and Battistig, Gábor and Gyulai, József and Hámori, András and Nagy, Norbert and Szabó, Zsolt and Szentpáli, Béla and Tóth, Attila Lajos and Varga, Péter and Volk, János (2007) Elektromágneses hullámok mesterséges periodikus szerkezetekben = Electromagnetic waves in artificial periodical structures. Project Report. OTKA.

Dózsa, László and Vo, Van Tuyen and Tóth, Attila Lajos and Somogyi, Károly and Lohner, Tivadar and Szentpáli, Béla (2007) SiC és más nagy tiltott sávú félvezető anyagok kutatása = Research of SiC and other wide band gap semiconductor materials. Project Report. OTKA.

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