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Rédei, Dóra and Boros, Klára and Forgó, Péter and Kele, Zoltán and Pálinkó, István and Pinke, Gyula and Hohmann, Judit (2015) Diterpene constituents of Euphorbia exigua L. and multidrug resistance reversing activity of the isolated diterpenes. CHEMISTRY & BIODIVERSITY, 12 (8). pp. 1214-1221. ISSN 1612-1872

Rédei, Dóra and Kúsz, Norbert and Szabó, Máté and Pinke, Gyula and Zupkó, István and Hohmann, Judit (2015) First phytochemical investigation of secondary metabolites of Euphorbia davidii Subils. and antiproliferative activity of its extracts. Acta Biologica Hungarica, 66 (4). pp. 464-467. ISSN 0236-5383

Zana, Annamária and Hajdú, Zsuzsanna and Jedlinszki, Nikoletta and Máthé, Imre and Dombi, György and Hohmann, Judit (2015) Isolation and structural determination of new metabolites from Artemisia asiatica roots. Tetrahedron, 71 (29). pp. 4817-4820. ISSN 0040-4020

Palici, Ionut F. and Liktor-Busa, Erika and Zupkó, István and Touzard, Blaise and Chaieb, Mohamed and Urbán, Edit and Hohmann, Judit (2015) Study of in vitro antimicrobial and antiproliferative activities of selected Saharan plants. Acta Biologica Hungarica, 66 (4). pp. 385-394. ISSN 0236-5383

Orbán-Gyapai, Orsolya and Lajter, Ildikó and Hohmann, Judit and Jakab, Gusztáv and Vasas, Andrea (2014) Xanthine Oxidase-Inhibitory Activity of Extracts Prepared from Polygonaceae Species. Phytotherapy Research, 29. pp. 459-465. ISSN 0951-418X

Tóth, Barbara and Barthó, Loránd and Vasas, Andrea and Sándor, Zsolt and Jedlinszki, Nikoletta and Pinke, Gyula and Hohmann, Judit (2014) Dual Excitatory and Smooth Muscle-relaxing Effect of Sideritis montana L. Extract on Guinea-pig Ileum. NATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS, 10 (3). pp. 487-490. ISSN 1934-578X

Orvos, Péter and Virág, László and Tálosi, László and Hajdú, Zsuzsanna and Csupor, Dezső and Jedlinszki, Nikoletta and Szél, Tamás and Varró, András and Hohmann, Judit (2014) Effects of Chelidonium majus extracts and major alkaloids on hERG potassium channels and on dog cardiac action potential - a safety approach. FITOTERAPIA, 100. pp. 156-165. ISSN 0367-326X

Vasas, Andrea and Hohmann, Judit (2014) Euphorbia Diterpenes: Isolation, Structure, Biological Activity, and Synthesis (2008−2012). Chemical Reviews, 114 (17). pp. 8579-8612. ISSN 0009-2665

Hajdu, Zsanett and Haskó, János and Krizbai, István Adorján and Wilhelm, Imola Mária and Jedlinszki, Nikoletta and Fazakas, Csilla and Molnár, Judit and Forgó, Péter and Hohmann, Judit and Csupor, Dezső (2014) Evaluation of Lignans from Heliopsis helianthoides var. scabra for Their Potential Antimetastatic Effects in the Brain. JOURNAL OF NATURAL PRODUCTS, 77 (12). pp. 2641-2650. ISSN 0163-3864

Háznagy-Radnai, Erzsébet and Wéber, Edit and Czigle, Szilvia and Berkecz, Róbert and Csedő, Károly and Hohmann, Judit (2014) Identification of Iridoids, Flavonoids and Triterpenes from the Methanolic Extract of Melampyrum bihariense A. Kern. and the Antioxidant Activity of the Extract. Chromatographia, 77 (17-18). pp. 1153-1159. ISSN 0009-5893, ESSN: 1612-1112

Jedlinszki, Nikoletta and Rédei, Dóra and Haller, József and Freund, Tamás and Hohmann, Judit and Zupkó, István (2014) Possible role of fat tissue in the pharmacokinetics of dodeca-2E,4E,8Z,10E/ Z-tetraenoic acid isobutylamides after oral administration of Echinacea angustifolia extract in rats. NATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS, 9 (6). pp. 843-845. ISSN 1934-578X

Hohmann, Judit and Csupor-Löffler, Boglárka and Dombi, György and Falkay, György and Hajdú, Zsuzsanna and Rédei, Dóra and Vasas, Andrea and Zupkó, István (2012) Tumorellenes hatású természetes terpenenoidok, alkaloidok és fenolos vegyületek izolálása = Isolation of natural terpenoids, alkaloids and phenolic compounds with antitumor activity. Project Report. OTKA.

Hohmann, Judit and Forgó, Péter and Hajdú, Zsuzsanna and Molnár, József and Rédei, Dóra (2006) Magyarországon előforduló Amaryllidaceae és Ranunculaceae fajok növénykémiai elemzése: biológiailag aktív alkaloidok izolálása, szerkezetfelderítése és farmakológiai vizsgálata = Phytochemical investigation of Hungarian Amaryllidaceae and Ranunculaceae species: isolation, structure determination and pharmacological investigation of biologically active alkaloids. Project Report. OTKA.

Hohmann, Judit and Zupkó, István and Rédei, Dóra and Csányi, Mihály and Falkay, György and Máthé, Imre and Janicsák, Gábor (1999) Protective effects of the aerial parts of Salvia officinalis, Melissa officinalis and Lavandula angustifolia and their constituents against enzyme-dependent and enzyme-independent lipid peroxidation. PLANTA MEDICA: NATURAL PRODUCTS AND MEDICINAL PLANT RESEARCH, 65 (6). pp. 576-578. ISSN 0032-0943

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