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Chapman, D. V. and Bradley, C. and Gettel, G. M. and Hatvani, István Gábor and Hein, T. and Kovács, József and Tanos, Péter and Trásy, Balázs and Várbíró, Gábor (2016) Developments in water quality monitoring and management in large river catchments using the Danube River as an example. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & POLICY, 64. pp. 141-154. ISSN 1462-9011

Hussian, Abd-Ellatif M. and Howayda, H. Abd El-Hady and Toufeek, M. E. F. and Várbíró, Gábor (2016) Phytoplankton Structure biochemical Stoichiometry and elemantal comnosition in Lake Nasser Egypt. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES RESEARCH, 11 (1). pp. 211-228. ISSN 0973-6077

Lukács, Balázs András and Tóthmérész, Béla and Borics, Gábor and Várbíró, Gábor and Juhász, Péter and G.-Tóth, László and Erős, Tibor (2015) Macrophyte diversity of lakes in the Pannon Ecoregion (Hungary). Limnologica, 53. pp. 74-83. ISSN 0075-9511

Boda, Pál and Bozóki, Tamás and Vásárhelyi, Tamás and Bakonyi, Gábor and Várbíró, Gábor (2015) Revised and annotated checklist of aquatic and semi-aquatic Heteroptera of Hungary with comments on biodiversity patterns. ZOOKEYS, 501. pp. 89-108. ISSN 1313-2989

Fekete, István and Kotroczó, Zsolt and Varga, Csaba and Nagy, Péter Tamás and Várbíró, Gábor and Tóth, János Attila (2014) Alterations in forest detritus inputs influence soil carbon concentration and soil respiration in a Central-European deciduous forest. SOIL BIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY, 74. pp. 106-114. ISSN 0038-0717

Duleba, Mónika and Luc, Ector and Horváth, Zsófia and Kiss, Keve Tihamér and Molnár, Levente Farkas and Pohner, Zsuzsanna and Tóth, Bence and Vad, Csaba Ferenc and Várbíró, Gábor and Ács, Éva (2014) Biogeography and Phylogenetic Position of a Warm-stenotherm Centric Diatom, Skeletonema potamos (C.I. Weber) Hasle and its Long-term Dynamics in the River Danube. PROTIST, 165 (5). pp. 715-729. ISSN 1434-4610

Kelly, Martyn and Urbanic, Gorazd and Ács, Éva and Bennion, Helen and Bertrin, Vincent and Várbíró, Gábor (2014) Comparing aspirations: intercalibration of ecological status concepts across European lakes for littoral diatoms. HYDROBIOLOGIA, 734. pp. 125-141. ISSN 0018-8158

Borics, Gábor and Lukács, Balázs András and Grigorszky, István and László-Nagy, Zsolt and G.-Tóth, László and Bolgovics, Ágnes and Görgényi, Judit and Várbíró, Gábor (2014) Phytoplankton-based shallow lake types in the Carpathian basin: steps towards a bottom-up typology. FUNDAMENTAL AND APPLIED LIMNOLOGY, 184 (1). pp. 23-34. ISSN 1863-9135

Borics, Gábor and Görgényi, Judit and Grigorszky, István and László-Nagy, Zsolt and Tóthmérész, Béla and Krasznai, Enikő and Várbíró, Gábor (2014) The role of phytoplankton diversity metrics in shallow lake and river quality assessment. ECOLOGICAL INDICATORS, 45. pp. 28-36. ISSN 1470-160X

Borics, Gábor and Várbíró, Gábor and Padisák, Judit (2013) Disturbance and stress - different meanings in ecological dynamics? HYDROBIOLOGIA, 711. pp. 1-7. ISSN 0018-8158 (print), 1573-5117 (online)

Borics, Gábor and Nagy, L. and Miron, S. and Grigorszky, István and Nagy-László, Zsolt and Lukács, Balázs András and G.-Tóth, László and Várbíró, Gábor (2013) Which factors affect phytoplankton biomass in shallow eutrophic lakes? HYDROBIOLOGIA, 714. pp. 93-104. ISSN 0018-8158

Ács, Éva and Borsodi, Andrea K. and Kiss, Éva and Kiss, Keve Tihamér and Szabó, Katalin Éva and Vladár, P. and Várbíró, Gábor and Záray, Gyula (2008) Comparative algological and bacteriological examinations on biofilms developed on different substrata in a shallow soda lake. Aquatic Ecology, 42 (4). pp. 521-531. ISSN 1386-2588 (print), 1573-5125 (online)

Krasznai, Enikő and Fehér, Gizella and Borics, Gábor and Várbíró, Gábor and Grigorszky, István and Tóthmérész, Béla (2008) Use of desmids to assess the natural conservation value of a Hungarian oxbow (Malom-Tisza, NE-Hungary). BIOLOGIA-BRATISLAVA, 63 (6). pp. 928-935. ISSN 0006-3088

Dam, Herman van and Stenger-Kovács, Csilla and Ács, Éva and Borics, Gábor and Buczkó, Krisztina and Nagyné Hajnal, Éva and Soróczki-Pintér, Éva and Várbíró, Gábor and Tóthmérész, Béla and Padisák, Judit (2007) Implementation of the European Water Framework Directive: Development of a system for water quality assessment of Hungarian running waters with diatoms. Archiv fur Hydrobiologie. Supplement-Band: Large Rivers, 17 (3-4). 339-383.. ISSN 0945-3784

Várbíró, Gábor and Borics, Gábor and Kiss, Keve Tihamér and Szabó-Taylor, Katalin and Plenkovic-Moraj, A. and Ács, Éva (2007) Use of Kohonen self organizing maps (SOM) for the characterisation of benthic diatom associations of the River Danube and its tributaries. Archiv fur Hydrobiologie. Supplement-Band: Large Rivers, 17 (Su 161). pp. 395-404. ISSN 0945-3784

Várbíró, Gábor and Ács, Éva and Borics, Gábor and Érces, K. and Fehér, G. and Grigorszky, István and Japoport, T. and Kocsi, G. and Krasznai, Enikő and Nagy, K. and Nagy-László, Zsolt and Pilinszky, Zs. and Kiss, Keve Tihamér (2007) Use of Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) for characterization of riverrine phytoplankton associations in Hungary. Archiv fur Hydrobiologie. Supplement-Band: Large Rivers, 17 (Su 161). pp. 383-394. ISSN 0945-3784

Szigeti, András and Bellyei, Szabolcs and Gasz, Balázs and Boronkai, Árpad and Hocsak, Enikő and Minik, Orsolya and Bognár, Zita and Várbíró, Gábor and Sümegi, Balázs and Gallyas Jr., Ferenc (2006) Induction of necrotic cell death and mitochondrial permeabilization by heme binding protein 2/SOUL. FEBS Letters, 580 (27). pp. 6447-6454. ISSN 0014-5793

Borics, Gábor and Tóthmérész, Béla and Grigorszky, István and Padisák, Judit and Várbíró, Gábor and Szabó, Sándor (2003) Algal assemblage types of bog-lakes in Hungary and their relation to water chemistry, hydrological conditions and habitat diversity. HYDROBIOLOGIA, 502 (1-3). pp. 145-155. ISSN 0018-8158 (print), 1573-5117 (online)

Book Section

Ács, Éva and Borics, Gábor and Kiss, Gábor and Reskóné Nagy, Mária and Várbíró, Gábor and Kiss, Keve Tihamér (2007) Fitobenton vizsgálatok tanulságai a Balaton és vízgyűjtője patakjainak példáján. In: Magyar Hidrológiai Társaság XXV. Országos Vándorgyűlés. Magyar Hidrológiai Társaság, Budapest, pp. 1-27. ISBN 978-963-8172-20-4

Conference or Workshop Item

B-Béres, Viktória and Borics, Gábor and Kókai, Zsuzsanna and Török, Péter and T-Krasznai, Enikő and Várbíró, Gábor and Lukács, Áron and Balogh, Csaba and Tóthmérész, Béla and Bácsi, István (2014) Response of benthic diatom assemblages to changing water regime in lowland lotic ecosystems. In: The 17th Workshop of the International Association of Phytoplankton Taxonomy and Ecology (IAP), 2014. szeptember 14-21., Kastoria, Görögország.

Ács, Éva and Terenyei, Eszter and Grigorszky, István and Plenkovič-Moralj, Andjelka and Várbíró, Gábor and Földi, Angéla and Kiss, Keve Tihamér (2013) Magyarországi és horvátországi karsztos vízfolyások kovaalga közösségének vizsgálata összefüggésben az EU VKI-val. In: XXXI. Országos Vándorgyűlés : Magyar Hidrológiai Társaság, 2013.07.03-2013.07.05., Gödöllő.

Ács, Éva and Borics, Gábor and Fehér, G. and Kiss, Keve Tihamér and Reskóné, N. M. and Várbíró, Gábor (2009) Implementation of the European Water Framework Directive to assessment the water quality in Hungarian running waters with diatoms. In: The joint 40th Meeting of the Dutch-Flemish Society of Diatomists (NVKD) and 3rd Cetral Europen Diatom Meeting (CE-DiatoM), 2009.03.26-2009.03.29, Utrecht.

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