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UNSPECIFIED (2011) About the authors. Acta Oeconomica, 61 (1). pp. 123-127. ISSN 0001-6373

UNSPECIFIED (2011) About the authors. Acta Oeconomica, 61 (2). pp. 251-254. ISSN 0001-6373

UNSPECIFIED (2011) About the authors. Acta Oeconomica, 61 (3). pp. 383-387. ISSN 0001-6373

UNSPECIFIED (2011) About the authors. Acta Oeconomica, 61 (4). pp. 503-506. ISSN 0001-6373

UNSPECIFIED (2011) Bonta János szakirodalmi munkássága. Építés – Építészettudomány, 39 (3-4). pp. 293-297. ISSN 0013-9661

UNSPECIFIED (2011) Isotope Workshop XI, 4th–8th July 2011, Budapest, Hungary—Biogeochemistry. Central European Geology, 54 (1-2). pp. 15-26. ISSN 1788-2281

UNSPECIFIED (2011) Isotope Workshop XI, 4th–8th July 2011, Budapest, Hungary—Environmental Geochemistry and Ecology. Central European Geology, 54 (1-2). pp. 35-47. ISSN 1788-2281

UNSPECIFIED (2011) Isotope Workshop XI, 4th–8th July 2011, Budapest, Hungary—Inert Gas and Radiogenic Isotopes. Central European Geology, 54 (1-2). pp. 103-111. ISSN 1788-2281

UNSPECIFIED (2011) Isotope Workshop XI, 4th–8th July 2011, Budapest, Hungary—Isotope Hydrology. Central European Geology, 54 (1-2). pp. 129-153. ISSN 1788-2281

UNSPECIFIED (2011) Isotope Workshop XI, 4th–8th July 2011, Budapest, Hungary—Paleoclimate. Central European Geology, 54 (1-2). pp. 173-186. ISSN 1788-2281

UNSPECIFIED (2011) Isotope Workshop XI, 4th–8th July 2011, Budapest, Hungary—Technical Developements. Central European Geology, 54 (1-2). pp. 199-206. ISSN 1788-2281

UNSPECIFIED (2011) Rövidítések-Abbreviations. Archaeologiai Értesítő, 136 (1). pp. 333-335. ISSN 0003-8032

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